Thursday, June 28, 2012

We have a happy baby this week!  A little rice cereal and a whole lotta smiles!!

Lesson learned: when in doubt, call the pediatrician!

Helpful Nursing Hint

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For the last week or so Carter has been freaking out during some feedings...sucking for a few minutes then screaming.  It was getting very frustrating.  Come on feeding is one thing we've got going for us, he may scream when he sits by himself and always needs to be held, but our boy is definitely an eater as his 11 lbs proves!

Well I was talking about it at my dinner club and my wise friend Jess asked if I'd changed body wash or lotion or anything lately.  And I did...last week I changed body washes and I started using Jergens Gentle Glow sunless tanning lotion.  I was so excited because I only used it twice and already noticed a nice, little bronze glow (streak-free too)!  Jess said that when she changed body wash her daughter had problems nursing too.

So as soon as dinner club was over I found the old body wash, squeezed out the last drop and showered.  Then instead of adding to my bronze glow I used the lotion I used in the hospital.  Then we tried a feeding AND...he ate like normal again!  No screaming, 20 minutes...that's my boy!  We're back!

I'm just destined to be pale this summer ;)

The trials and tribulations of a fussy baby and dairy-deprived momma

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So after 5 weeks Carter continues to be fussy.  He refuses to sit in a swing or a bouncy chair, and insists on being held (or in a carrier) all the time.  So after hours of fussing this weekend, I decided to revisit the book, Happiest Baby on the Block, which I read months ago.  I've become an excellent shusher, bouncer, and swaddler.  I tried rubbing his back instead of patting during burping.  I even tried eliminating dairy from my diet- in case that was causing his fussiness, but noticed no change in his temperament.  I thought there has to be something I'm missing.

So after a quick refresher course I've come to the conclusion that Carter is just a fussy baby, it's not colic, not a food allergy, not even gas...he just wants the safety and security of being near me (or another warm body).  The author, Dr. Karp calls the first three months of life, the fourth trimester.  Babies live in the warm, safe, happy womb for 9 months and all of the sudden are exposed to a big, cold, scary world.  He just needs to be comforted.  

So, I decided to stop fighting for Carter to sit in a bouncy seat, and give him what he needs, a nice warm chest to cuddle up to.  The K'tan has become my best friend!  Every mom I know says to enjoy these days of cuddling, that they don't last forever.

So... bring on the cheese and ice cream!!  Momma wants a milkshake!

Month 1: Must Haves

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Month 1: Must Haves
Starbucks Coconut Mocha: This is for Momma!  The frappuccino is obviously a little splurge, but on days that I don't want to drink all of my daily calories, I get a decaf iced coffee with coconut syrup- it's almost as good!

Boppy with PB Kids cover: An absolute necessity for breastfeeding, tummy time, and just hanging out!  And...the PB Kids covers are sooo soft and I love the patterns!

Halo Sleep Sacks:  One minute he's a little sleeping angel, and before you know it, his arms are flailing around, throwing punches...and his eyes pop open...the damn startle reflex gets him everytime!  But these sleepsacks are the best, they keep him snug and warm and there's not a chance those arms are getting out!  Leads to much better and longer sleep!

Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes: These are perfect for a little sponge bath before the umbilical cord falls out and just for a little freshening up anytime.  They smell so fresh and clean and just like a baby should smell.

Carter's Zip Up One Pieces: When you're changing his diaper a zillion times a day, a quick zip is the way to go.  No need to deal with separates or even snaps in those first few weeks.  Carter's are cute and cheap. Gap and Old Navy have super cute ones too, but the fact that they outgrow outfits so quickly makes it hard to spend $25 on one outfit (that will be peed on, pooped on, and spit up on, no doubt!)

Aden & Anais Blankets: Actually I am obsessed with everything from this brand, burp cloths, bibs, sleep sacks...I'm a sucker for the adorable prints and the soft breathable muslin.  These are the best for swaddling, throwing over the stroller to keep the sun out of his eyes, and just look freaking adorable. Right after he was born I couldn't get that damn ugly flannel hospital blanket off of him fast enough and swaddle him up in his elephant print blanket before sending out the text with his first picture.  (If only my husband got that memo!)

Nap Nanny: Gotta give Littlebabygarvin credit for this one.  I saw it on her blog and was ordering it online that night.  She says her daughter slept for 7 hours in this...well I can't attest to that, but Carter hates the bassinet, and was sleeping in a bouncy chair until we got this little gem.  My only complaint is that the fabric/ foam isn't breathable, so his back gets all sweaty.

Month 1: Lessons Learned

1. It's perfectly acceptable for cool ranch doritos and diet root beer to be your lunch (while standing and bouncing in the kitchen)

2. You may not brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, brush your hair, or eat breakfast before 1:00pm (even if you were up at 9)

3. Any moment is a good moment to break out in dance!  The kitchen is the best place for a dance party, no matter what time of day/ night!  And you never actually forget all the lyrics to those old songs you haven't listened to for years on your ipod (P. Diddy and Christina Aguliera- Tell Me)

4. Forget staying up after the early morning feeding to clean the house, shower etc.  If you go back to bed until 9 or 10 you actually feel like you're in the land of the living!

5. Nursing bras are a must...and sizes bigger than DD are virtually impossible to find in a store...but there is a website for has all kinds of sizes.  But be careful any e-mails from them go into your spam..what just cause you have big boobs, it automatically means porn?!

6. Men want to sit down.  Babies don't.  Christian is still working on that one.

1 Month

Happy 1 Month Carter!

One whole month old! 
Favorite Moments in month 1

1. His "lounge" position while nursing- propping his leg up and laying on his side!

2. Bulging eyes when he's being burped and up on your shoulder, staring out the window

3. "Drunk Baby" when he can hardly hold his head up and smiles blissfully after nursing

4. His sweet, yet pathetic little cry he made during his first week- he stopped after a few days and I miss it.

5. Around week 3 he started being able to focus on objects and there's nothing sweeter than seeing him staring up at you with his loving little blue eyes

Favorite quote from Hubby:
"As I was driving home from work today I prayed that I wouldn't have to walk around tonight."

1 Month Stats:  Weight- 11 pounds  Height- 21 inches

Happiest Moment

Friday, June 1, 2012

 On the night Carter was born, Christian and I were situated in our couplet care room.  Carter wasn't really ready to sleep (to our dismay).  At 1:30am Christian was trying to soothe him so I could get some sleep, unsuccessfully (both the soothing and sleeping parts!)  Feeling defeated and exhausted, Christian handed our screaming, inconsolable son to me.

 In the instant that Carter was placed on my chest he stopped screaming and crying, like a switch was flipped.  Immediately tears came to my eyes.  My boy and I have something special.  He knows me- I was his world for 9 months.  He knows my voice and my smell and my skin and my sweet, scared, screaming baby just needed to be with his momma.   It was the best moment in my life so far.  :)

Babies R Us post baby

Last Saturday I went to Babies R Us as my one outing for the day while my mom watched Carter.  Besides being thrilled to be out of the house, I was totally sleep deprived and felt like I was in a fog as I searched through the racks of nursing bras.

When I turned around I saw a preggers girl happily perusing the aisle.  She had the preggers girl glow- big time!  She literally had the look of bliss on her face!  Her cart was full of swings and bouncy seats and I couldn't help thinking back a few weeks, when I was that girl.  So excited to have everything in the nursery and house perfect for my soon to be perfect baby.

And now, as a jaded new mom to an almost 3 week old baby, I felt like I should tell this girl that it's not all cute swings and adorable outfits.  But instead it's sleepless nights and hours of bouncing a screaming and fussy baby and being irritable with your husband over every little thing.

 Wow.  How things change in just a few short weeks.

Of course there are countless wonderful moments with your little one, but she just looked so blissful, that I thought she needed a little dose of reality! (I didn't however tell her this... come on, I have some dignity!)

Pregnancy Must Haves

Looking back on my pregnancy here are a few of my pregnancy must-haves.  

Snoogle Pillow- must have for any pregnant lady.  it supports your belly, your back, keeps your legs from sticking together and also takes up so much space in bed so you get all the space you need.  It's ok, with everything our bodies are doing, hubby can stay put on his 1/3 of the bed!

Zantac- holy heart burn!  i can't even pin point the culprits (although chocolate may have been the worst)...for the second and third trimesters pretty much anything I ate, almost every day I was downing a Zantac and it worked!  TUMS only worked for a few weeks...then i moved onto the real stuff- Zantac.  couldn't have lived without it.

Lingerie department at Nordstrom- with every part of your body growing, you need some expert advice/ fitting and these ladies at Nordstrom are the best.  I went 3 times during my pregnancy.  It's amazing how much better you feel when you have a bra that actually fits!

Old Navy Maternity Jeans with the full panel- I know they aren't glamourous or very fashion forward.  But they are comfortable and don't fall down!  I ordered and returned Paige Premium maternity jeans and it just seemed silly to spend $200 and then get them hemmed, when this Old Navy pair was like $20 and fit like a glove...even as my belly grew!

Pea in the Pod Sweatsuit: This little number was my favorite thing to wear in the third trimester.  It was a coordinating sweatpants and hoodie with great embroidery going down the leg and the arms.  I looked forward to wearing it and always got compliments.  Just because you want to be comfy, doesn't mean you can't look cute!!  (PS. this was from my friend, i'm sure it was $$$, but I lucked out with this hand-me-down!)

My first trimester tricks to get through the nausea: Flavored Seltzer water...the perfect little fizz bubbles in this calmed my stomach with just a hint of flavor and no sugar!  Cranberry juice- at around 10 weeks I couldn't stand the smell of coffee and I substituted cranberry juice (I saw Rachel Zoe drinking cranberry juice when she was preggers...and it looked so yummy...come on, if Rachel Zoe drinks it, it's gotta be good!) Eclipse gum or mints- I always had these in my desk drawer for when the nausea hit (all day)! 
26 weeks                  
32 weeks
 37 weeks (thanks to my friend, Jess for taking this pic!)

Baby Blues: Jeans

Carter was born on Monday.  On Friday friends came over for dinner and I was getting dressed.  I put on my maternity jeans, that just hung on me.  So I put on a pair of pre-maternity sevens.  They fit.  I cried.  Oh baby blues :)

A Bad Case of the Baby Blues

It all started after Carter's birth...the hormones were raging and the sleep deprivation was in full effect.  My first break down was during Carter's first bath.  The nurse was bathing him and he was screaming and crying and I that's when I lost control, sobbing!   A few hours later all it took was a "How are you, Paige?" from my father in law and I burst into tears.  Those first days in the hospital were tough, not sleeping, not being able to walk or move, or even sit.  On my second night I remember sitting in the jacuzzi (all the nurses suggested I sit in it to help my soreness) and it was the first time I was alone and I just cried, not really sure why I was crying, but again the mix of hormones, no sleep, and just the overall birth and life-change, and overwhelming love I felt for Carter.

The worst was on the morning of our discharge from the hospital.  The lactation consultant warned us that the second night can be bad...and she was right.  We didn't sleep at all.  Carter screamed all morning...and I just cried.  In my mind leaving the hospital was supposed to be this wonderful event.  I see all of these happy "leaving the hospital" pictures on Facebook and I imagined us that way too. He had his adorable Kissy Kissy "going home" outfit and hat. But instead of this picture-perfect departure... he screamed the entire wheelchair ride from our room to the car and....I just cried and cried.

Then maybe it was in my head from reading a blog post from Littlebabygarvin.  But from the moment I got home from the hospital I was overcome with sadness over not being pregnant anymore.  I was not a glowing pregnant lady.  So I was surprised when I walked into my house and teared up and immediately thought back to 2 days before when my water broke and getting ready for the hospital.  Then I walked into my bedroom and saw my snoogle pillow on my bed and I just about broke down with the realization that I didn't need that anymore.

This continued for about the first week or two post-pregnancy.  I would cry because I didn't feel his kicks and hiccups inside of me.  I would cry when we heard a song that I would sing when I was pregnant.  I would just cry at the thought of the pregnancy being over.

It was a bad case of the baby blues.

Carter's Birth Story

Carter's Birth Story

My due date was May 12, 2012.  My last day of work was on Friday May 4th and I woke up on May 6th at 6am.   I was wide awake.  I got in the car and drove to my parents house to get the Sunday Newspaper.  Then Christian and I went to out to breakfast and as we drove past the hospital, we said, "we want to come back to you today!!"  We were so excited for the day to come to meet our baby boy.  Later we went to the grocery store and went shopping at the outlets.  I was non-stop the entire day.  I was going crazy in the kitchen trying a bunch of new Pinterest recipes like chocolate- oatmeal bars, energy balls, and a super labor-intensive iced coffee recipe.  Then around 4:30 my parents stopped over and we chatted in the living room.  I got up to go to the bathroom around 5:15pm and my water broke.

It wasn't a dramatic rush of gallons of fluid like they sometimes make you think it will be... and I wasn't red-faced in a puddle of water in the middle of Target, but instead, while I was peeing I felt a little rush of fluids come out.  I was totally not positive of what happened and came back into the living room and said "I think my water just broke."  Then for the next few minutes I had similar little rushes of fluid (when I laughed or was just standing around!).  I called the dr. and she said since I wasn't having contractions to wait for a few hours before going into the hospital.  

Christian immediately was a ball of nervous energy and decided he needed to go for a run.  So he went running and I showered and painted my toenails (of course I was planning to get a pedicure the next day.)  (My mom stood in my kitchen draining the iced coffee for hours while I was getting ready.  That recipe was totally not worth all the effort!)

Around 7:30pm we went to the hospital.  I was admitted and was having really minor contractions...kinda felt like menstrual cramps.  They gave me a pill (cervidil- maybe?) to speed up contractions and soften my cervix.  Pretty soon after that I started feeling real contractions.  Here's what I wish I knew...they felt like diarrhea cramps/ pain.  I kept thinking I had to go to the bathroom.  Pretty quickly I was dilating and my mid wife said I could get an epidural!  So I breathed/suffered through a few contractions while we waited for the epidural.   It was fine...I was just looking forward to not feeling the contractions anymore.  When he was putting the epidural in though he must've hit a nerve and literally my right leg kicked.  The nurse who was holding me totally jumped.  

So then I started dilating pretty quickly.  Around 1:30am I was fully dilated, but we waited to start pushing because he was still pretty high.  I didn't feel pain from the contractions, but I felt pressure so I knew when I was having a contraction.   So then at 2:30am I started pushing.  I asked the nurse how do I push???  Pushing did not feel natural at all.  You literally push like you're pooping...meanwhile , your legs are in the air, a nurse was holding one and Christian was holding the other, the nurse was counting while I was supposed to be inhaling for 10 seconds....and I felt like (hubby said I looked like) my head was going to explode.  Soooooo, long story short, we tried many different positions and I pushed for 3 hours!  I was a hot mess!  Literally a hot, sweaty, exhuasted mess!  PS.  it was now 5:30am and I had not slept in almost 24 hours.  So my midwife said it was time to "bring in the big guns."  

So my doctor came in and said he'd use forceps to get the baby out (and I, having no idea what that really meant, said, Great!)  He said to me, "Paige, I can't do this without have got to push"  And honestly after spending 3 hours pushing I wasn't about to give up and let them roll me into an operating room for a c-section.  So he prepped for a few minutes (and he said, you may not want to look at the forceps, so I turned away and didn't even peek) and all of the sudden I started feeling contractions again and having to breathe through them.  Sidenote:  Christian, of course looked at the forceps and he describes them as "a medieval torture device."

So then I felt a contraction and I remembered what the dr told me.  And I pushed like a MotherF*&#$^!!! And literally screamed.  My eyes were shut so tight, but tears rolled down my cheeks.  The nurses and the doctor were cheering me on.  I think I actually have blocked all of the pain out...but I remember the screaming.  This lasted just a few minutes and then the doctor said that his head was out and did I want to look???  I kept my eyes shut and said no, I didn't want to see anything unless it was a whole baby.  So we continued...the cheering, the breathing, the screaming.  

Until finally I felt a smooth feeling and I opened my eyes to see my doctor holding up my whole tiny little bloody baby.  
5:37 am.  7lbs 6 oz.  20.5 inches...and the pain was immediately gone.  

Pregnancy memories

Looking back I decided to type my pregnancy notes that I jotted down during my pregnancy so I would remember a few milestones and stats.

 I felt dizzy on the first day of school, August 29th and then felt bloated on Labor day weekend.  On September 8th I woke up at 4am and my abdomen felt super tight. I remember being in Costco and talking on my phone to my BFF, Lauren, telling her that I felt weird and possibly pregnant and she said, just take a test already!  I took a pregnancy test on Friday September 9, 2011 after school.  It was positive!  

Christian was just standing in the kitchen and I came out and said, yep, it's positive!   Then I took another on September 11th just to be sure!

About a week later I was grossed out by coffee and craved McDonalds.  I had on and off nausea and ate often.

On October 19th I went to the doctor and heard the heart beat.  Then on October 24th we had an ultrasound and saw the baby and heartbeat 167.  I was 11weeks 2 days.  I had my first ever blood test and was terrified, but it wasn't bad at all.  Moved up to 34DD around that time.

I had nauseous days throughout the first 17 weeks, no real cravings, but had to eat frequently and would sneak bites of nutrigrain bars or mints while teaching to keep my stomach calm.  I ate alot of cheesy foods, mac & cheese, Queso, Wispride, cheese curls.  I had no energy and went from always on the go to laying on the couch most days after school and weekends (Christian LOVED that! especially during football season, I wasn't nagging him to do anything and instead just laid on the couch while he watched football)  This was when Pinterest was fairly new and not many people knew about it.  I would pin for hours.

We told our families at the end of October.  My parents found out earlier than we wanted, because the hospital called my parent's house to confirm my ultrasound appt.  So that announcement was pretty uneventful!  Then on October 29th, we had a huge snowstorm and Christian's parents came to "see the basement" but really it was so we could tell them the news.

idea from littlebabygarvin

I told my co-workers at school on December 1st with a sign and a basket of baby ruth's and sugar babies in the faculty room.  Also moved up a bra size around that time                                                       (36DD)

I felt great around 17 weeks, drank coffee again, had energy, much perkier.

At 19 weeks I felt flutter on the left side while I was driving home from work right after I ate some chocolate.  I also had heart burn.

On December 22nd we had our ultrasound and found out it was a boy!  That's when I told my class and their parents. 

In January I started getting major heartburn, chocolate was the worst, so I stopped eating chocolate. Moved up another bra size (34DDD)

At 25 weeks, January 27th I was measuring a week ahead and gained 12 pounds total.  Heart Rate 144.

At 26 weeks I went to NYC to celebrate Jess's bday and was so exhausted from walking around.  This was huge for me, I couldn't believe walking could make me so tired.

Around February 6-9th (26 weeks) is when I had a noticeable bump and took a picture.  My NYC trip tired me out and I went to bed at 8:30-9 most nights after that.

Feb 17 (28 weeks) we went to Florida.

At 28 weeks I had unbearable heartburn all day, so tired.  Ordered 34DDDD (g) bra.  Everyone started commenting on my bump.

At 29 weeks his heart rate was 138, gained about 19 pounds.  Terrible sleeping, waking up alot.

31 Weeks felt tightness while making dinner- maybe braxton hicks?

At 33 weeks I got sick with a stomach bug and was in bed for 2 days.  Terrible heartburn from then til the end of pregnancy.

At 35 weeks Heart rate- 136ish his head was down, measured just under 35 weeks.

My last day of school was May 4th (a friday) and at the doctor that day (39 weeks) I was not dilated. Total weight gain: 25-26 pounds

There was talk of the "supermoon" being that weekend, the biggest full moon for years.  So I think that's what made me go into labor a few days early.  My due date was May 12th.

On Sunday, May 6th I woke up at 6:30 and was non-stop all day, went out to breakfast, went to the grocery store, outlets, made energy balls, made caramel oat bars, was trying a super labor-intensive iced coffee recipe.  My parents came over around 4:15 just to chat and I went to the bathroom at 5:15 and that's when I noticed that my water broke (while peeing).  I called the midwife.  She said to wait a few hours before coming in.  So I showered, painted my toe nails, and got my bag ready.  Christian was totally frazzled, so he went for a run to burn off some nervous energy.  My mom stood in my kitchen straining my iced coffee for hours.  We went to the hospital at 7:30pm.