1 Month

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy 1 Month Carter!

One whole month old! 
Favorite Moments in month 1

1. His "lounge" position while nursing- propping his leg up and laying on his side!

2. Bulging eyes when he's being burped and up on your shoulder, staring out the window

3. "Drunk Baby" when he can hardly hold his head up and smiles blissfully after nursing

4. His sweet, yet pathetic little cry he made during his first week- he stopped after a few days and I miss it.

5. Around week 3 he started being able to focus on objects and there's nothing sweeter than seeing him staring up at you with his loving little blue eyes

Favorite quote from Hubby:
"As I was driving home from work today I prayed that I wouldn't have to walk around tonight."

1 Month Stats:  Weight- 11 pounds  Height- 21 inches

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