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Friday, June 1, 2012

Last Saturday I went to Babies R Us as my one outing for the day while my mom watched Carter.  Besides being thrilled to be out of the house, I was totally sleep deprived and felt like I was in a fog as I searched through the racks of nursing bras.

When I turned around I saw a preggers girl happily perusing the aisle.  She had the preggers girl glow- big time!  She literally had the look of bliss on her face!  Her cart was full of swings and bouncy seats and I couldn't help thinking back a few weeks, when I was that girl.  So excited to have everything in the nursery and house perfect for my soon to be perfect baby.

And now, as a jaded new mom to an almost 3 week old baby, I felt like I should tell this girl that it's not all cute swings and adorable outfits.  But instead it's sleepless nights and hours of bouncing a screaming and fussy baby and being irritable with your husband over every little thing.

 Wow.  How things change in just a few short weeks.

Of course there are countless wonderful moments with your little one, but she just looked so blissful, that I thought she needed a little dose of reality! (I didn't however tell her this... come on, I have some dignity!)

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