Carter's Birth Story

Friday, June 1, 2012

Carter's Birth Story

My due date was May 12, 2012.  My last day of work was on Friday May 4th and I woke up on May 6th at 6am.   I was wide awake.  I got in the car and drove to my parents house to get the Sunday Newspaper.  Then Christian and I went to out to breakfast and as we drove past the hospital, we said, "we want to come back to you today!!"  We were so excited for the day to come to meet our baby boy.  Later we went to the grocery store and went shopping at the outlets.  I was non-stop the entire day.  I was going crazy in the kitchen trying a bunch of new Pinterest recipes like chocolate- oatmeal bars, energy balls, and a super labor-intensive iced coffee recipe.  Then around 4:30 my parents stopped over and we chatted in the living room.  I got up to go to the bathroom around 5:15pm and my water broke.

It wasn't a dramatic rush of gallons of fluid like they sometimes make you think it will be... and I wasn't red-faced in a puddle of water in the middle of Target, but instead, while I was peeing I felt a little rush of fluids come out.  I was totally not positive of what happened and came back into the living room and said "I think my water just broke."  Then for the next few minutes I had similar little rushes of fluid (when I laughed or was just standing around!).  I called the dr. and she said since I wasn't having contractions to wait for a few hours before going into the hospital.  

Christian immediately was a ball of nervous energy and decided he needed to go for a run.  So he went running and I showered and painted my toenails (of course I was planning to get a pedicure the next day.)  (My mom stood in my kitchen draining the iced coffee for hours while I was getting ready.  That recipe was totally not worth all the effort!)

Around 7:30pm we went to the hospital.  I was admitted and was having really minor contractions...kinda felt like menstrual cramps.  They gave me a pill (cervidil- maybe?) to speed up contractions and soften my cervix.  Pretty soon after that I started feeling real contractions.  Here's what I wish I knew...they felt like diarrhea cramps/ pain.  I kept thinking I had to go to the bathroom.  Pretty quickly I was dilating and my mid wife said I could get an epidural!  So I breathed/suffered through a few contractions while we waited for the epidural.   It was fine...I was just looking forward to not feeling the contractions anymore.  When he was putting the epidural in though he must've hit a nerve and literally my right leg kicked.  The nurse who was holding me totally jumped.  

So then I started dilating pretty quickly.  Around 1:30am I was fully dilated, but we waited to start pushing because he was still pretty high.  I didn't feel pain from the contractions, but I felt pressure so I knew when I was having a contraction.   So then at 2:30am I started pushing.  I asked the nurse how do I push???  Pushing did not feel natural at all.  You literally push like you're pooping...meanwhile , your legs are in the air, a nurse was holding one and Christian was holding the other, the nurse was counting while I was supposed to be inhaling for 10 seconds....and I felt like (hubby said I looked like) my head was going to explode.  Soooooo, long story short, we tried many different positions and I pushed for 3 hours!  I was a hot mess!  Literally a hot, sweaty, exhuasted mess!  PS.  it was now 5:30am and I had not slept in almost 24 hours.  So my midwife said it was time to "bring in the big guns."  

So my doctor came in and said he'd use forceps to get the baby out (and I, having no idea what that really meant, said, Great!)  He said to me, "Paige, I can't do this without have got to push"  And honestly after spending 3 hours pushing I wasn't about to give up and let them roll me into an operating room for a c-section.  So he prepped for a few minutes (and he said, you may not want to look at the forceps, so I turned away and didn't even peek) and all of the sudden I started feeling contractions again and having to breathe through them.  Sidenote:  Christian, of course looked at the forceps and he describes them as "a medieval torture device."

So then I felt a contraction and I remembered what the dr told me.  And I pushed like a MotherF*&#$^!!! And literally screamed.  My eyes were shut so tight, but tears rolled down my cheeks.  The nurses and the doctor were cheering me on.  I think I actually have blocked all of the pain out...but I remember the screaming.  This lasted just a few minutes and then the doctor said that his head was out and did I want to look???  I kept my eyes shut and said no, I didn't want to see anything unless it was a whole baby.  So we continued...the cheering, the breathing, the screaming.  

Until finally I felt a smooth feeling and I opened my eyes to see my doctor holding up my whole tiny little bloody baby.  
5:37 am.  7lbs 6 oz.  20.5 inches...and the pain was immediately gone.  


  1. I am so terrified of forceps! I told my husband that is the ONLY things I cannot deal with when our little girl is born later this year. You are so brave! Glad everything went well for you!

  2. Just now reading this and I can't believe how similar our birth stories are! My water didn't break but I can relate to the hours of pushing, forceps birth, and tearing. NO FUN! I've been praying so hard that this time the delivery is so much different. It HAS To be easier right?! :) Praying the same for you!

    1. Hi Mateya! Thanks for commenting! I just read your birth story. You know, as terrible as it was we both ended our posts saying that in the end we would do it all over and it's all worth it! My doctor promises me that the next one will "just fall out!" HA! Hope that's the case for you!! I'll be looking forward to reading your story in a few weeks!


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