Happiest Moment

Friday, June 1, 2012

 On the night Carter was born, Christian and I were situated in our couplet care room.  Carter wasn't really ready to sleep (to our dismay).  At 1:30am Christian was trying to soothe him so I could get some sleep, unsuccessfully (both the soothing and sleeping parts!)  Feeling defeated and exhausted, Christian handed our screaming, inconsolable son to me.

 In the instant that Carter was placed on my chest he stopped screaming and crying, like a switch was flipped.  Immediately tears came to my eyes.  My boy and I have something special.  He knows me- I was his world for 9 months.  He knows my voice and my smell and my skin and my sweet, scared, screaming baby just needed to be with his momma.   It was the best moment in my life so far.  :)

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