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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For the last week or so Carter has been freaking out during some feedings...sucking for a few minutes then screaming.  It was getting very frustrating.  Come on feeding is one thing we've got going for us, he may scream when he sits by himself and always needs to be held, but our boy is definitely an eater as his 11 lbs proves!

Well I was talking about it at my dinner club and my wise friend Jess asked if I'd changed body wash or lotion or anything lately.  And I did...last week I changed body washes and I started using Jergens Gentle Glow sunless tanning lotion.  I was so excited because I only used it twice and already noticed a nice, little bronze glow (streak-free too)!  Jess said that when she changed body wash her daughter had problems nursing too.

So as soon as dinner club was over I found the old body wash, squeezed out the last drop and showered.  Then instead of adding to my bronze glow I used the lotion I used in the hospital.  Then we tried a feeding AND...he ate like normal again!  No screaming, 20 minutes...that's my boy!  We're back!

I'm just destined to be pale this summer ;)

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  1. This has been happening to me as well! I will have to make sure I am sticking with the same scents I always use :)


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