Month 1: Lessons Learned

Thursday, June 7, 2012

1. It's perfectly acceptable for cool ranch doritos and diet root beer to be your lunch (while standing and bouncing in the kitchen)

2. You may not brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, brush your hair, or eat breakfast before 1:00pm (even if you were up at 9)

3. Any moment is a good moment to break out in dance!  The kitchen is the best place for a dance party, no matter what time of day/ night!  And you never actually forget all the lyrics to those old songs you haven't listened to for years on your ipod (P. Diddy and Christina Aguliera- Tell Me)

4. Forget staying up after the early morning feeding to clean the house, shower etc.  If you go back to bed until 9 or 10 you actually feel like you're in the land of the living!

5. Nursing bras are a must...and sizes bigger than DD are virtually impossible to find in a store...but there is a website for has all kinds of sizes.  But be careful any e-mails from them go into your spam..what just cause you have big boobs, it automatically means porn?!

6. Men want to sit down.  Babies don't.  Christian is still working on that one.

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