Month 1: Must Haves

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Month 1: Must Haves
Starbucks Coconut Mocha: This is for Momma!  The frappuccino is obviously a little splurge, but on days that I don't want to drink all of my daily calories, I get a decaf iced coffee with coconut syrup- it's almost as good!

Boppy with PB Kids cover: An absolute necessity for breastfeeding, tummy time, and just hanging out!  And...the PB Kids covers are sooo soft and I love the patterns!

Halo Sleep Sacks:  One minute he's a little sleeping angel, and before you know it, his arms are flailing around, throwing punches...and his eyes pop open...the damn startle reflex gets him everytime!  But these sleepsacks are the best, they keep him snug and warm and there's not a chance those arms are getting out!  Leads to much better and longer sleep!

Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes: These are perfect for a little sponge bath before the umbilical cord falls out and just for a little freshening up anytime.  They smell so fresh and clean and just like a baby should smell.

Carter's Zip Up One Pieces: When you're changing his diaper a zillion times a day, a quick zip is the way to go.  No need to deal with separates or even snaps in those first few weeks.  Carter's are cute and cheap. Gap and Old Navy have super cute ones too, but the fact that they outgrow outfits so quickly makes it hard to spend $25 on one outfit (that will be peed on, pooped on, and spit up on, no doubt!)

Aden & Anais Blankets: Actually I am obsessed with everything from this brand, burp cloths, bibs, sleep sacks...I'm a sucker for the adorable prints and the soft breathable muslin.  These are the best for swaddling, throwing over the stroller to keep the sun out of his eyes, and just look freaking adorable. Right after he was born I couldn't get that damn ugly flannel hospital blanket off of him fast enough and swaddle him up in his elephant print blanket before sending out the text with his first picture.  (If only my husband got that memo!)

Nap Nanny: Gotta give Littlebabygarvin credit for this one.  I saw it on her blog and was ordering it online that night.  She says her daughter slept for 7 hours in this...well I can't attest to that, but Carter hates the bassinet, and was sleeping in a bouncy chair until we got this little gem.  My only complaint is that the fabric/ foam isn't breathable, so his back gets all sweaty.

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