Pregnancy memories

Friday, June 1, 2012

Looking back I decided to type my pregnancy notes that I jotted down during my pregnancy so I would remember a few milestones and stats.

 I felt dizzy on the first day of school, August 29th and then felt bloated on Labor day weekend.  On September 8th I woke up at 4am and my abdomen felt super tight. I remember being in Costco and talking on my phone to my BFF, Lauren, telling her that I felt weird and possibly pregnant and she said, just take a test already!  I took a pregnancy test on Friday September 9, 2011 after school.  It was positive!  

Christian was just standing in the kitchen and I came out and said, yep, it's positive!   Then I took another on September 11th just to be sure!

About a week later I was grossed out by coffee and craved McDonalds.  I had on and off nausea and ate often.

On October 19th I went to the doctor and heard the heart beat.  Then on October 24th we had an ultrasound and saw the baby and heartbeat 167.  I was 11weeks 2 days.  I had my first ever blood test and was terrified, but it wasn't bad at all.  Moved up to 34DD around that time.

I had nauseous days throughout the first 17 weeks, no real cravings, but had to eat frequently and would sneak bites of nutrigrain bars or mints while teaching to keep my stomach calm.  I ate alot of cheesy foods, mac & cheese, Queso, Wispride, cheese curls.  I had no energy and went from always on the go to laying on the couch most days after school and weekends (Christian LOVED that! especially during football season, I wasn't nagging him to do anything and instead just laid on the couch while he watched football)  This was when Pinterest was fairly new and not many people knew about it.  I would pin for hours.

We told our families at the end of October.  My parents found out earlier than we wanted, because the hospital called my parent's house to confirm my ultrasound appt.  So that announcement was pretty uneventful!  Then on October 29th, we had a huge snowstorm and Christian's parents came to "see the basement" but really it was so we could tell them the news.

idea from littlebabygarvin

I told my co-workers at school on December 1st with a sign and a basket of baby ruth's and sugar babies in the faculty room.  Also moved up a bra size around that time                                                       (36DD)

I felt great around 17 weeks, drank coffee again, had energy, much perkier.

At 19 weeks I felt flutter on the left side while I was driving home from work right after I ate some chocolate.  I also had heart burn.

On December 22nd we had our ultrasound and found out it was a boy!  That's when I told my class and their parents. 

In January I started getting major heartburn, chocolate was the worst, so I stopped eating chocolate. Moved up another bra size (34DDD)

At 25 weeks, January 27th I was measuring a week ahead and gained 12 pounds total.  Heart Rate 144.

At 26 weeks I went to NYC to celebrate Jess's bday and was so exhausted from walking around.  This was huge for me, I couldn't believe walking could make me so tired.

Around February 6-9th (26 weeks) is when I had a noticeable bump and took a picture.  My NYC trip tired me out and I went to bed at 8:30-9 most nights after that.

Feb 17 (28 weeks) we went to Florida.

At 28 weeks I had unbearable heartburn all day, so tired.  Ordered 34DDDD (g) bra.  Everyone started commenting on my bump.

At 29 weeks his heart rate was 138, gained about 19 pounds.  Terrible sleeping, waking up alot.

31 Weeks felt tightness while making dinner- maybe braxton hicks?

At 33 weeks I got sick with a stomach bug and was in bed for 2 days.  Terrible heartburn from then til the end of pregnancy.

At 35 weeks Heart rate- 136ish his head was down, measured just under 35 weeks.

My last day of school was May 4th (a friday) and at the doctor that day (39 weeks) I was not dilated. Total weight gain: 25-26 pounds

There was talk of the "supermoon" being that weekend, the biggest full moon for years.  So I think that's what made me go into labor a few days early.  My due date was May 12th.

On Sunday, May 6th I woke up at 6:30 and was non-stop all day, went out to breakfast, went to the grocery store, outlets, made energy balls, made caramel oat bars, was trying a super labor-intensive iced coffee recipe.  My parents came over around 4:15 just to chat and I went to the bathroom at 5:15 and that's when I noticed that my water broke (while peeing).  I called the midwife.  She said to wait a few hours before coming in.  So I showered, painted my toe nails, and got my bag ready.  Christian was totally frazzled, so he went for a run to burn off some nervous energy.  My mom stood in my kitchen straining my iced coffee for hours.  We went to the hospital at 7:30pm.

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