The trials and tribulations of a fussy baby and dairy-deprived momma

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So after 5 weeks Carter continues to be fussy.  He refuses to sit in a swing or a bouncy chair, and insists on being held (or in a carrier) all the time.  So after hours of fussing this weekend, I decided to revisit the book, Happiest Baby on the Block, which I read months ago.  I've become an excellent shusher, bouncer, and swaddler.  I tried rubbing his back instead of patting during burping.  I even tried eliminating dairy from my diet- in case that was causing his fussiness, but noticed no change in his temperament.  I thought there has to be something I'm missing.

So after a quick refresher course I've come to the conclusion that Carter is just a fussy baby, it's not colic, not a food allergy, not even gas...he just wants the safety and security of being near me (or another warm body).  The author, Dr. Karp calls the first three months of life, the fourth trimester.  Babies live in the warm, safe, happy womb for 9 months and all of the sudden are exposed to a big, cold, scary world.  He just needs to be comforted.  

So, I decided to stop fighting for Carter to sit in a bouncy seat, and give him what he needs, a nice warm chest to cuddle up to.  The K'tan has become my best friend!  Every mom I know says to enjoy these days of cuddling, that they don't last forever.

So... bring on the cheese and ice cream!!  Momma wants a milkshake!

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