Glowy: The Magic Seahorse

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meet Glowy, The Magic Seahorse

Carter has never been a big fan of the car, or carseat really.  We've attempted to go to the beach (about a 2 and a half hour drive) twice this summer.  The first time was a nightmare.  We're talking screaming-for-2-straight-hours-terrible.  The next time we were armed with a bottle and a heavy foot on the pedal.  It was a little better, but both Christian and I held our breath the whole time and needed a drink as soon as we arrived.  So we took a few weekends off from coming down to  recover. 

This weekend is my nephew's first birthday party at the beach house, so last night we had to pull it together and strap him into the carseat.  He's had his reflux meds for a couple of weeks so we felt a little more confident with the drive.

For the first 45 minutes he slept like a champ!  Then he woke up and I moved to the backseat to sit with him and play the find the spit-out-pacifier game that he loves to play (note to self- must get one of those pacifier leashes immediately).  He was wide-eyed for the next hour and a half, but relatively calm.  Then about 2 hours into the drive it was about all he could take.  The crying started...I tried forcing a bottle in his mouth, but he wouldn't have it, he spit out his pacifier, he cringed at the blinking monkey I held in his face.  Then it came to me.  GLOWY!   I pressed his music note to turn him on and Carter stopped crying immediately, fixated on his beautiful glow and soothing music.  Fast forward 30 relaxing minutes and we arrived with a sleepy, content, little car rider.  Oh, Glowy...we love you!

Routine? What routine??

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last week I read a bunch of articles and blogs about babies' routines. And my type-A self felt like we were way behind.  At that point our only routine is that I spent the day and night wishing, hoping, and praying that he'd sleep and not scream.  This reflux has really set us back!  

We've got to get on this...

10 Week Update!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 Weeks Old (*sigh*)

This week has been huge for us!  Carter will now:

  • Sit in a chair while being awake 
  • Sit in a swing while awake
  • Sleep in a swing
  • Sit contently in the nap nanny and put himself to sleep
  • Hold a pacifier in his mouth
  • Nap throughout the day
  • Wake up from a nap calmly and coo & talk to himself, look at the fan, not scream
  • Go to sleep without a full cardio workout for Mommy (or daddy)
  • Coo and talk 
  • Smile all the time
  • Sing along with mommy
  • Use his chubby legs to stand up (while being held, of course)
  • Sit up and keep his bobbly head still (while being held)

So many of these things don't sound like a big deal to most...believe me I read other girls' blogs and the fantasy land they live in with their angelic babies...But as you know, Baby Carter is one of the poor reflux babies.  It took us a while to figure it all out, but I'm crossing my fingers that this is solved and my little dreamboat is here for good!

He went on Zantac last week and it was like a miracle on Monday and Tuesday and even most of Wednesday.  But then Thursday came and it's like it stopped working.  So on Friday we went back to the pediatrician.  He's now on Prilosec and Zantac.  And since then (dare I even say this...) he's doing great! 

Rice Cereal

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear Rice Cereal,

Although you have helped us and proven that Carter can be calm and content, you just aren't strong enough to last all day and night.  And the reflux that you have helped to calm is now replaced with constipation. :(  

We are finished with you.  You are being replaced with Zantac.  

-Hopeful Momma

Month 2: Highlights/ Lessons Learned

Saturday, July 7, 2012

2 Months Old!!!
Favorite moments in month 2:

1. On July 3rd he slept for 6 hours straight!!!

2. Around 6 weeks - The first time he had a rice cereal bottle I picked him up and he looked totally at ease and content!  I didn't even have to bounce him!  He just sat happily!  It was like a whole new happy baby.  **Wonderful**

3. Smiles during week 6- and everyday since!!!  Who knew a little smile could make everyone in the room ooooh and ahhh!?!

4. Non-stop stretching- the cutest arm stretch above his head and sometimes full body stretches...whenever he's let loose out of his swaddle!!!

5. I love when I pick him up and he stays in the fetal position with his butt out and then stretches both arms out like superman above him!!

6. His lower lip quivering when he's about to cry

Lessons Learned in Month 2:

1. Have a REAL cup of coffee in the morning!  Forget decaf!  They say a little caffeine is ok for nursing and the burst of energy you get is totally worth it! 

2. When your baby is less fussy you don't have to bounce all day/night long!  You will lose the extra calorie burn from the non-stop Lady Gaga dance party, but now you'll have energy for other exercise, with the help of a little coffee. (see lesson learned #1) 

3. Call for help.  The lactation consultants are like my new best friends.  They're so helpful and encouraging!  And soon the pediatrician's office will know me by name too!  They will always call back and listen to your concerns and offer advice too.  I wish I would've called sooner about Carter's fussiness, because just a quick phone convo with the Dr. and some added rice cereal changed Carter's (and my) life!!

2 Month Stats:  Weight- 14lbs  Height- 23 inches

Month 2: Favorites

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sparrow Glider- Since I couldn't go upstairs for a few weeks post-delivery Christian moved our glider from the nursery to the living room.  This gem of a chair is super comfy and the perfect place to glide him right to sleep.  Oh, the gliding ottoman is a must too...  We're going to be so sad when we move this back upstairs, we'll definitely need to get a replacement for the living room!

Happiest Baby on the Block- A book that gives helpful tips and gives info that actually helps- the 5 S's.  There is alot of background info, but I just skimmed those parts!

K'Tan- Carter loves this carrier.  He has spent many hours cozied up in this sling.  And bonus, I can do things (like put away dishes, fold laundry, play on facebook and pinterest) while he sleeps on my chest!

Huggies wipes- They're thicker and the cucumber/green tea scent is subtle and refreshing.  So far these are my wipe of choice!

Sleepmate Sound Machine- I've found that I no longer hear white noise because it's on constantly!  We're re-creating those soothing womb sounds for baby boy- anything to help him sleep and relax!  This machine is great- totally recommend it.  It doesn't have all the fancy rainforest, birds, rain, waves etc sounds.  It's purely white noise- but wonderful at that.  PS. Sleep Machine Lite on my IPhone is what we use in the car!