10 Week Update!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 Weeks Old (*sigh*)

This week has been huge for us!  Carter will now:

  • Sit in a chair while being awake 
  • Sit in a swing while awake
  • Sleep in a swing
  • Sit contently in the nap nanny and put himself to sleep
  • Hold a pacifier in his mouth
  • Nap throughout the day
  • Wake up from a nap calmly and coo & talk to himself, look at the fan, not scream
  • Go to sleep without a full cardio workout for Mommy (or daddy)
  • Coo and talk 
  • Smile all the time
  • Sing along with mommy
  • Use his chubby legs to stand up (while being held, of course)
  • Sit up and keep his bobbly head still (while being held)

So many of these things don't sound like a big deal to most...believe me I read other girls' blogs and the fantasy land they live in with their angelic babies...But as you know, Baby Carter is one of the poor reflux babies.  It took us a while to figure it all out, but I'm crossing my fingers that this is solved and my little dreamboat is here for good!

He went on Zantac last week and it was like a miracle on Monday and Tuesday and even most of Wednesday.  But then Thursday came and it's like it stopped working.  So on Friday we went back to the pediatrician.  He's now on Prilosec and Zantac.  And since then (dare I even say this...) he's doing great! 

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  1. Yay for Carter and for new Momma! Really like the whale outfit.


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