Glowy: The Magic Seahorse

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meet Glowy, The Magic Seahorse

Carter has never been a big fan of the car, or carseat really.  We've attempted to go to the beach (about a 2 and a half hour drive) twice this summer.  The first time was a nightmare.  We're talking screaming-for-2-straight-hours-terrible.  The next time we were armed with a bottle and a heavy foot on the pedal.  It was a little better, but both Christian and I held our breath the whole time and needed a drink as soon as we arrived.  So we took a few weekends off from coming down to  recover. 

This weekend is my nephew's first birthday party at the beach house, so last night we had to pull it together and strap him into the carseat.  He's had his reflux meds for a couple of weeks so we felt a little more confident with the drive.

For the first 45 minutes he slept like a champ!  Then he woke up and I moved to the backseat to sit with him and play the find the spit-out-pacifier game that he loves to play (note to self- must get one of those pacifier leashes immediately).  He was wide-eyed for the next hour and a half, but relatively calm.  Then about 2 hours into the drive it was about all he could take.  The crying started...I tried forcing a bottle in his mouth, but he wouldn't have it, he spit out his pacifier, he cringed at the blinking monkey I held in his face.  Then it came to me.  GLOWY!   I pressed his music note to turn him on and Carter stopped crying immediately, fixated on his beautiful glow and soothing music.  Fast forward 30 relaxing minutes and we arrived with a sleepy, content, little car rider.  Oh, Glowy...we love you!

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