Month 2: Highlights/ Lessons Learned

Saturday, July 7, 2012

2 Months Old!!!
Favorite moments in month 2:

1. On July 3rd he slept for 6 hours straight!!!

2. Around 6 weeks - The first time he had a rice cereal bottle I picked him up and he looked totally at ease and content!  I didn't even have to bounce him!  He just sat happily!  It was like a whole new happy baby.  **Wonderful**

3. Smiles during week 6- and everyday since!!!  Who knew a little smile could make everyone in the room ooooh and ahhh!?!

4. Non-stop stretching- the cutest arm stretch above his head and sometimes full body stretches...whenever he's let loose out of his swaddle!!!

5. I love when I pick him up and he stays in the fetal position with his butt out and then stretches both arms out like superman above him!!

6. His lower lip quivering when he's about to cry

Lessons Learned in Month 2:

1. Have a REAL cup of coffee in the morning!  Forget decaf!  They say a little caffeine is ok for nursing and the burst of energy you get is totally worth it! 

2. When your baby is less fussy you don't have to bounce all day/night long!  You will lose the extra calorie burn from the non-stop Lady Gaga dance party, but now you'll have energy for other exercise, with the help of a little coffee. (see lesson learned #1) 

3. Call for help.  The lactation consultants are like my new best friends.  They're so helpful and encouraging!  And soon the pediatrician's office will know me by name too!  They will always call back and listen to your concerns and offer advice too.  I wish I would've called sooner about Carter's fussiness, because just a quick phone convo with the Dr. and some added rice cereal changed Carter's (and my) life!!

2 Month Stats:  Weight- 14lbs  Height- 23 inches

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