Month 2: Favorites

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sparrow Glider- Since I couldn't go upstairs for a few weeks post-delivery Christian moved our glider from the nursery to the living room.  This gem of a chair is super comfy and the perfect place to glide him right to sleep.  Oh, the gliding ottoman is a must too...  We're going to be so sad when we move this back upstairs, we'll definitely need to get a replacement for the living room!

Happiest Baby on the Block- A book that gives helpful tips and gives info that actually helps- the 5 S's.  There is alot of background info, but I just skimmed those parts!

K'Tan- Carter loves this carrier.  He has spent many hours cozied up in this sling.  And bonus, I can do things (like put away dishes, fold laundry, play on facebook and pinterest) while he sleeps on my chest!

Huggies wipes- They're thicker and the cucumber/green tea scent is subtle and refreshing.  So far these are my wipe of choice!

Sleepmate Sound Machine- I've found that I no longer hear white noise because it's on constantly!  We're re-creating those soothing womb sounds for baby boy- anything to help him sleep and relax!  This machine is great- totally recommend it.  It doesn't have all the fancy rainforest, birds, rain, waves etc sounds.  It's purely white noise- but wonderful at that.  PS. Sleep Machine Lite on my IPhone is what we use in the car!


  1. Can't believe that Carter is two months already!

    I recommend the Happiest Baby on the Block dvd. It only takes 45 minutes and netflix has it. It's more succinct than the book and easier to convince the husband to do vs. reading the book.

    Sound machines are definitely a must have!

  2. Forget to mention that I totally concur on the importance of a good glider and gliding ottoman. They can be pricey but are totally worth it. We have the Luca glider by Monte (similar to the Sparrow) but there are lots of good ones out there. Some can take awhile to arrive (up to 3-4 months) so order early!


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