Month 3: Favorites

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Medela Microwave Steam Bags-  These make cleaning all the bottles, nipples, breast shields so easy and sanitized.

Lansinoh nursing pads- They are thin and absorbent.  I've tried a few brands and these are the best.  There's no need for a nursing pad to feel like a you're stuffing a overnight maxi pad in your bra!  And some of us girls definitely don't need any extra padding!

Avent pacifiers- The only kind Carter will keep in his mouth!  A life-saver for us!

Swaddle Me- We now start our little nap time ritual by swaddling him in one of these.  It can be quite a process to get him into one.  Somedays they work like a dream but other times I walk in to a completely unswaddled, smiling baby, who's saying, "Hey mom!  Thanks for the challenge!  I had fun breaking out!"

Luvs Diapers- Honestly I use any diapers, whatever is on sale, has a coupon, unexpectedly ends up in the nursery from my mom...but if I could choose, Luvs are my fav!  They have a nice powdery scent, and if you know me, i'm a little obsessed with smells!

BabyGanics Hiney Helper- From time to time Carter's little bum gets red and needs a little care.  One day I used Desitin and that day I noticed that Carter smelled like fish! YUCK!  This also coincided with the day after I ate a crabcake and calamari.  So I researched fishy-smelling baby and was about to give up seafood for good, when I read about Cod Liver Oil that is in some diaper rash cream.  Some people said the cream made their babies smell like fish.  I checked the ingredients in Desitin and there it was!  Off to the store I went and read every label of diaper cream.  Babyganics is natural, no Cod Liver Oil- so I bought it.  No more fishy smell!  And it sure helps Carter's little hiney!

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