Our first step to Kindergarten

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This week back-to-school has been everywhere! First day of school pics and sad stories of mommy's saying goodbye to their Kindergarteners are all over the blogs. Although that is years away from us now...I had my first taste of having to "let go" last night.

In the last week or so I've barely slept. Carter has woken up at least twice each night...many more times on other nights. But my other problem is that after I'm up with him and feed him and he's back asleep, I'm laying there...thinking...for what seems like (sometimes is) hours. And just as I fall back asleep, guess who's up?!

I've read many books and blogs and articles about sleeping, and tried different things, to no avail. On Tuesday night I tried a "dream feed." He went to sleep at 7:00pm and I woke him up to feed him at 11:00 when I went to bed. According to the books, that should be the answer...he should sleep right through til 6am. So when I woke up and heard him, I prayed it was at least 4am. It was 1:09. ummmmm hmmmmm.

Then we were up at 3:45. Only to wake up again at 5:45.

So obviously, the so-called "dream feed", in my eyes was a miserable FAIL!

We had reached the point I didn't want to reach, or was afraid of:

It was time to move him to the nursery.

Our master bedroom is on the first floor and the nursery is a hallway and a full staircase away...no longer an arms reach from my pillow to him.

So yesterday I prepared the room, closed the blinds, set up the sound machine and monitor, and brought in a fan. And in the afternoon we went upstairs and read some books in the glider and then I nervously put him down for a nap just to see how it would go...and he slept for an hour and a half!

So at bedtime we did our whole routine and again I put him in the crib and his eyes popped open. What?! I gave him his pacifier and he spit it out. So now this was a true test, could I really follow through with tough love? I gave him his pacifier one more time and he spit it out. So I kissed him and said good night. And left the room. To then go right to the monitor to watch our sweet boy kick and fuss.

Christian and I decided we'd let him fuss for 5 minutes before going in...and I decided to take a shower. So apparently he fussed for 5 minutes, Christian went in to calm him down for a few minutes, put him back down, and he fell asleep. Until 2:50am!!!! Then I fed him and he woke up again at 6:45am!

Here's to hoping for another night like that!!

Just a sidenote: Although I did let him cry a little to get to sleep. There's no way I was going to sleep a whole floor away from him. So I slept in the guestroom next door to the nursery. Come on, I'm not that tough!

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