Carter's Favorite Toys

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rich Frog Ball- "Wally the Watermelon" is by far Carter's favorite toy. You hold it up and he instantly is fixated on those big black eyes! And his ribbon arms make him fun to spin around!

Sassy Go-Go Bugs- These super cute little bugs hang on Carter's carseat. They each make a different little noise whenever you swing it or hit a bump on the road.

Fisher Price Seahorse- Can't live without Glowy, but you already know that, right?! If not click here.

Carter's Hanging Turtle- This was the first toy he grasped. It's super easy for him to hold and put on his arm like a bracelet. Who knew what a great accessory a turtle could be?!

Bright Starts Elephant- This little toy is full of the crinkly material that crinkles every time you touch it. And his rubber feet and trunk are perfect for stuffing in his mouth!

He also loves his fabric books. They just have bold pictures on them, different materials, and rattles inside of them. I couldn't find a picture of them online, but he looks at them, turns the pages, and stuffs them in his mouth.

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