Changes for Mommy

Friday, September 7, 2012

Besides my baby blues, I haven't really written much about what changes I've gone through since Carter's arrival.  So here are my thoughts on post-pregnancy momma-life:

  • Night Sweats- Woah!  For the first few weeks after birth I was plagued with these!  We're talking soak-the-sheets sweats!  I started putting a towel on top of the sheet, because let's face it, I wasn't changing my sheets everyday!

  • Healing-  I had "third-degree" tears from my lovely forceps delivery.  I had no idea what that meant, but every nurse gave me the "I feel bad for you" sympathetic look when they read that on my chart.  I found out that there is a fourth degree, so I didn't have the worst!  (Later I asked my dr. how many girls tear like me, and his answer: 10% mmmm hmmmm.  I was one of the lucky ones!)  Anyway, I couldn't walk for a week or two, sitting was painful.  About a week after birth I tried to go to Target and literally couldn't physically walk through the aisles.  I wore a thick pad for weeks and used the little squeeze bottle.  Sitting in a hot bath also really helped.  But on the bright side, at my 6 week appt my dr. said I healed brilliantly and couldn't even tell I had a baby.  hmmmm. 

  • Hair- This is happening now.  In the shower I apply conditioner and I swear 25 hairs get tangled in my fingers.  And anytime I run my fingers through it, lots of strands fall out.  Carter loves to pull on it and my hair is always stuck in his hands.  

  • Body- Well due to my son's "spirited" nature and refusal to sit down for the first 6-8 weeks I was constantly bouncing and dancing so I lost the baby weight pretty quickly.   Also I'm sure breastfeeding helped too.  However my stomach still isn't as tight and toned as it once was.  But from holding him all day and night, my arms have never been as toned as they are now!  Thank you, sweet Carter!  (PS.  Because of my new workout buddy (Carter) I also cancelled my gym membership.  Body Combat, I'll be back someday...)

  • Sleep- I've always been a middle of the night thinker and everyone said that my sleep problems during pregnancy were just life's funny way of preparing you for baby.  And they were right.  I would spend hours in the middle of the night awake during pregnancy...and I still do!  A full night's sleep, uninterrupted is like a distant memory...when will that ever happen again??  I'm literally so thrilled if he only wakes up one time during the night.  And I'm not a good napper...again the to-do list and the most random stupid things spin around in my head.   Someone please invent a pill that instantly puts you to sleep.  Some days are worse than others, but not sleeping may be the hardest part of being a new mom for me.

  • Mood/Marriage- The baby blues had a hold on me for the first 2 weeks or so...and all the changes were hard in the beginning. (see Babies R Us Post Baby)  My husband and I had to work out how to handle it all and live with each other.  After a few weeks, we actually came to the agreement that he isn't allowed to say that he is tired.  Because it made me so upset that he would complain of being tired. And in comparison to how much sleep I was getting, he was freaking Rip Van Winkle.  Although he thought that was crazy, it totally made sense to me and that conversation helped him understand a little more of what I was going through.  I read a funny post on another blog where she talked about wanting to punch her husband in the face as he silently slept through every cry and every night feeding.  And it's true. ;)  I do have to say that Christian is very hands on and I really can't complain.  I know other fathers who are not nearly as involved as he is and I do appreciate it and try to tell him that sometimes, too! 

  • Overall Having a baby literally changes EVERYTHING.  My day-to-day life is absolutely 100% different than it used to be.  I used to be busy running here and there and never wanting to sit still (except for the list of DVR'd shows we watched at night).  And now I sit on a chair on the front porch or walk around my neighborhood looking at flowers and talking about birds chirping at anytime of day.  WHAT?!?!  Being a mom really does make you slow down and appreciate things that otherwise, you are too busy to notice.  And I actually kind of love that.  

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