Tummy Time

Saturday, September 1, 2012

At our two month pediatrician appointment Christian and I had our first "we've failed as parents" moment.  The doctor was checking him out and then asked, "how's tummy time going?"  Well, we tried tummy time a handful of times, unsuccessfully and in turn ended up with a screaming baby so it was never really on our list of priorities.  But of course, we didn't say that.  Our response, "Oh, ok. He doesn't really like it."  So she turns him over to see how he's doing and our boy fails!  No neck lift, nothing.  She pressed on his back to try to help him and he laid there like a limp fish.

But come on, we had enough problems to deal with then...like reflux, so tummy time stayed low on the list of to dos.

But then today Christian flipped him over to see his progress....

We are so proud!!    

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