Sleeping this week...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

a (rare) nap in his crib 
sound asleep at bedtime
napping in the car 
daddy taking one of the many shifts sitting in/next to the car
At first our neighbors all looked curiously at why I was sitting in my car or in the driveway for hours...but now they just wave and smile....hey, whatever it takes!!

Fall at the beach!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Christian has been traveling for work all week and since the weather has been soooo nice, my parents and Carter and I went to the beach for a few days!

Carter slept in the car most of the way there!  Night one he had a great night especially for never sleeping in a pack n play before.  And night two was his BEST night EVER to date!!!  7:30-4:05, 4:45-6:35!  There's just something about the beach...he always does his best sleeping there!

In the morning the sun was shining and absolutely beautiful.  So I went for a run on the boardwalk, my third run (slow jog, more like it...) this week, and fourth run since Carter's birth.  (Exercise has obviously become a very low priority!)

And my mom took Carter for a walk...

We had lunch outside, walked around the shops, and went for a walk on the beach.  

And it was Carter's first time at Yesterday's!  

Life is good at the beach!

Apples and Pumpkins: Loving October!

 Carter's first fall!  
Picking our pumpkins....


all pumpkin-ed out!

 Picking apples at the orchard... 

inspecting to see if it's a good one!

helping me carry our box

Happy Fall 2012!

5 months & 5 days- a sleeping turning point

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In my last post I mentioned how sleeping had regressed...BIG TIME!  For most of his life he would wake up to feed at 1am & 4am and get up for good around 6ish.  But that went down the tubes right around 4 months.  Maybe it was the cold to blame that stayed around for 2 weeks, or the 4 month wakeful, or teething...I don't know.  But finally last week (about 5 weeks in) I had enough. It was getting worse and worse and every night became "the worst night ever"...until last Thursday when it was literally THE WORST NIGHT EVER!!!  I saw the clock on every hour between 7pm and 5am (when he was up for the day.)  Oh- and there were definitely days in there when he would nap a total of 1 hour per day or less.

<-----------mommy going crazy

You know I've read so much about sleeping...this book, that book, websites, blogs..everything and nothing worked.  So I called the pediatrician and made an appointment.  

At the appointment we told her everything.  And do you know what she said to me?

"Oh momma, your next baby will be so easy." 

 What!?!  You know it's bad when your doctor tells you that!  (see 5 month post, my mother-in-law told me the exact same thing!)  

She checked him out and he's healthy as can be (17lb 12oz).  But we decided to take him off of Prilosec, start on solid food and set some sleep rules (aka let him cry, a little (up to an hour)...not cry it out!)  I had finally reached the point where I was prepared for some crying, anything to get him (and me) to sleep.  

So that night we gave him some rice cereal before bed...
Rice cereal...mmmmm (sort of!)
Then tucked him into his crib (no more Nap Nanny) with one arm swaddled....and held our breath.  He woke up at 10:30, cried for 10 minutes and put himself back to sleep.  Then he woke up at 11:30- same thing.  At 1:30 he woke up and I fed him and put him back down...and he cried....and cried...and cried.  But finally went to sleep.  I fed him at 5:30 and he woke up for the day at 6:50.  We were sooooo pleasantly surprised (remember the hourly wake ups the night before?!?).

Every night since that night (Friday October 12th) has gotten better and better.  Last night he slept from 7:30pm-3:20am, 4:30am-6:45am, 7:10am-8:10am!  

It's amazing how happy and well-rested our whole family has been these last few mornings!
Pumpkin bread & muffins in the oven at 8am!
So is it the Prilosec? the food? the crying/sleep training?  Who knows!  But we're gonna keep doing what we're doing!

Just a side note, we're definitely still working on naps...that hasn't gone as seamlessly.  The last few days most of his napping has occurred in the car, with me sipping on Starbucks and playing on my iPhone, cleaning out my wallet...etc.  The attempts at crying in his crib during naptime have pretty much failed...aka he just cries for an hour and then when we get in the car to go anywhere he takes his nap.    

But right now as I'm typing away sweet baby Carter is snoozing away in his crib with his one arm around his lovey!  What a wonderful sight!

Baby Favorites

Friday, October 5, 2012

For the last 5 months these are my some of my favorite baby things!

Pacifier Holder- I keep it in an outside pocket in my diaper bag so it's always quick and easy to find a paci when we need one...and it keeps the paci cleaner than just throwing it in a pocket.

Padalily- Lugging around a heavy car seat is this at least gives your arm a little padding...I can't imagine carrying it without one.

Bjorn- The key to freedom for me!  He loves facing out and is happy as can be taking it all in when he's in it.  He is getting pretty heavy so I'm trying out some other options that could distribute his weight better on me.

Summer Infant Video Monitor- I can't imagine not having a video...a must have!

Nap Nanny- Best purchase ever for our reflux baby and was great when he was sick too...the transition to the crib???...yes, we're working on it!

Boon Grass Drying Rack- Just a cute little addition to our counter top!

A picture of us

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

After the blessing ceremony I had visions of a photo shoot...Carter with his parents, Carter with his grandparents etc.  But instead, as the ceremony ended we got one group shot and then ran off to nurse and calm down.

So here's a pic that Christian took of Carter and me on the blessing day.  It wasn't posed or even at Loch Nairn.  It was at home and I wasn't even in my dress.  I was changed into my yoga pants and Target v-neck (my uniform for motherhood) and we were just playing on the stairs.


So instead of being disappointed about the lack of posed picture under the big tree, I've decided to love this one...and I really's's us.  And after reading this article, I've decided, that's all that matters!

Our Blessed Baby

Adorable Janie & Jack Giraffe outfit

On Sunday we had a baby blessing ceremony for Carter.  It was at the same location where we got married, Loch Nairn Golf Club.  The same man who married us officiated the ceremony. 

 It was a beautiful sunny day and the ceremony was outside under a big, old tree overlooking a golf course.

First Christian and I did a reading from Nancy Tillman's Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You.  
Everyone in our families put a rose petal in the bowl of water to sprinkle our blessings over him. 

Then, Carter's grandparents and Christian and I anointed him with lemon oil.
Grandfathers anointing his forehead for wisdom
Grandmothers anointing his feet to walk the best path in life
Christian and I anointing his heart so he'll always know true love
And the ceremony ended with the Irish Baby Blessing.

May all the blessings of our Lord touch your life today
May He send His little angels to protect you on your way
Such a miraculous gift, sent from above
Someone so precious to cherish and love
May sunshine and moonbeams dance over your head
As you quietly slumber in your bed
May good luck be with you wherever you go
And your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow
-Irish Baby Blessing

All was well in the beginning. He was perfectly calm while we set up and just looked around during the first part of the ceremony.  But then when everyone stood up to place their rose petal in the water it must have been a little overwhelming for him....and it all went down hill from there.  Small weeps were replaced with inconsolable sobs by the end.  But Jim, the officiant just spoke loudly and I did my best to bounce away his blues...unsuccessfully!  But oh well, I guess!  C'est la vie!  This is a little crying was probably apropros!

After the ceremony we had brunch overlooking the golf course and he was on his best behavior and even fell asleep!  It's tough work being the man of the hour!

The perfectionist planner that I am...was a little crushed...I wanted this to be perfect and meaningful and it just felt like chaos.  Everyone said that it was a beautiful ceremony and everything was great.

When we got home we watched the video and you know didn't look like chaos.  It did look good and it was so meaningful and beautiful.  And although all the details didn't go exactly how I planned, in the end it was perfect and our sweet baby had a beautiful blessing day and I learned that being a mom and a perfectionist just isn't always gonna happen.
my happy little blessed boy