baby favorites- 5 & 6 months

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Here's the next set of our baby faves...for 5 & 6 months
Bright Starts Around We Go- BEST TOY EVER!!  He stands in it and scoots/walks around the table to play with/ chew on all the different toys, music etc.  He loves it because he's vertical and it's great practice for standing and walking!

Fisher Price Mirror- He's loved this for a few months, but now can sit by himself and play with it.  He loves banging on the keys and watching the lights flash and hearing the silly songs.

Sophie le Girafe- Everyone talks about how great this teether is and I wasn't sold...for a few months he didn't care for her at all...just threw her down.  But the last month or so he just loves her...always smiles at her squeaky noise and constantly in his mouth!

Angel Dear Lovey- The best thing about this is how easy it is for him to grab.  He loves stuffing the head into his mouth too.

Jellycat Monkey- He's loved this little stuffed animal for months.  We used to use this to entertain him during diaper changes, but now it just makes him happy any time.  He is only 7 inches tall so he can easily grab him and stuff him in his mouth too...see a pattern here???

Any clothes from BabyGap...obsessed!  Love their favorites one pieces with easy zippers and the adorable onesies and hats.  I can't stop.

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