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Thursday, November 8, 2012

this blog has become my project.  in a time in my life when I get/give myself very little time and energy to cultivating me, I've found my inspiration in reading blogs and writing this, for me.  and well, for you too.

I started this blog because I felt alone in the beginning of motherhood, filled with "whys"  why didn't anyone tell me i'd cry all the time?  why didn't anyone tell me contractions felt like diarrhea pain?  why doesn't my newborn sleep?  why won't he stop crying?

my goal was to help other new mommies too.  to know that you are not alone.  know that you may cry all the time.  your baby may not sleep. you will not sleep.  there's just something that makes you feel better to know it's not just you.  you are not alone.

but this also turned into a place to celebrate the funny little moments of motherhood.  like eating cool ranch doritos and root beer and calling that lunch.  or wanting to punch your sound-asleep husband in the face as you get up for the 4th time that night.

this has become a place for me to remember the little milestones that we celebrate everyday.  like taking a nap in his crib, touching his toes, finally getting out of the house in the bjorn.

when i get a little me-time, this is where i come.  so i will remember this crazy/wonderful/exhausting time in our life.

so i finally decided it's time to upgrade the layout & found shabby creations.  the chevron, soothing color, and it!

even though motherhood may not always be pretty, at least my blog can be!

smiling adoringly at my then 3 month old 


  1. It looks great Paige! And I'm loving following along and hearing your thoughts and adventures:) It really is nice to have a way to connect when everything else feels so crazy!

  2. Thanks girls! I totally agree, Lillian! Thanks for following!


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