2012 by the numbers

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

 (since may 7)

-Nights out (to a wedding or party)
-Times he freaked out in a store (Babies R Us and Pottery Barn outlet)

-times someone put him to bed other than me

-Dinner's out (Christian and me)

-types of bottles I bought and tried and he refused
- inches Carter grew

-pounds Carter gained

-pounds I lost

-hours bouncing/dancing

-aching backs from non-stop baby holding

-times I told Christian to stand up while he was holding a freaking out baby

-hours awake at night feeding/rocking/calming

-hours awake laying in bed thinking, unable to sleep

-trips to starbucks (drive thru!)

-hours driving, or sitting in a parked car while he slept

-trips to mcdonald's drive thru (more in the past year than in the previous 10 years combined!)

-I love you's

-smooches on baby skin

-nicknames I call him

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