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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Target nursing tanks- I wear these every night.  They are comfy and easy for middle of the night feedings.  I have a pink and black one and they are a little small in the chest, but I  have one with buttons, like the picture and it is roomier and much more comfortable.  I totally recommend these.

 Nap Nanny (again!)  I think I've written about this three times now! I seriously can't say enough about how much we love and use this thing...still!  This has now become a safe place for him to sit (all buckled in) while I shower or dry my hair, get dressed etc.  He's totally content and looks pretty comfy in it, playing with a toy while I put away my clothes or run on the treadmill.  I feel comfortable having him in it and the best thing...he's strapped in and can't move all around!  I know there's all kinds of lawsuits against this but apparently you can still buy them at a few places.  So I totally say...GO GET ONE!  Follow the directions, of course.
 2 weeks old & almost 9 months old
Inglesina chair- Carter got this for Christmas and it has been such a great addition to our kitchen!  We attached it to our counter so that he can sit in it and still see everything I'm doing (because, he has to be in the action at all times, of course!).  He will sit in this while I cook, bake, clean the kitchen, eat lunch, etc.  We've been feeding him in it too...but he turns around and gets food all over it, so it's kind of caked on with baby food. yuck!  But the good thing is it's machine washable!

Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra- Here we are 8 and a half months later and I finally got a supportive and pretty nursing bra.  I've been living in the two that I bought since June and we'll be honest, although functional, they aren't the most supportive or attractive bras...and wearing them every day and washing them in the washing machine probably hasn't helped.  So the other day I randomly saw this bra on amazon.  I tried it on at Nordstrom when I started shopping for nursing bras but I just couldn't justify spending $70 on it.  But good news...on amazon the other day it was only $40 and they had my size!  It's amazing how much better I feel with some good support! 

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