favorite toys- 7 & 8 months

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fisher Price Penguin- This has been a fav for a few months.  She's hilarious, you touch her and she wobbles and squeals!  Carter thinks she's hysterical!

Plan Dancing Alligator-  Carter got this for Christmas and loves watching him move and chasing it in his walker.  The clicking sounds make him laugh too!

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Table- (This one is similar)Obsessed!  He freaking loves this table.  Regardless of what we try to play with him, he walks over to this table and spends hours turning the wheel and hitting the buttons.  He loves standing and kneeling at it, but also figured out how to slant it while he's sitting.

Gnon- Gnon is Sophie's cousin and he is hilarious!  We take Gnon with us in the car and Carter loves how his head swings around and makes funny squeaking noises!

V-Tech Sit and Stand walker- He spends alot of time sitting and playing with the buttons on the front and also pushes it as he practices walking!

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