Nursing: Must Haves

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More about my nursing experience is in this post.

My Pros to Nursing: great nutrition & antibodies to keep him healthy, bonding, 
you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight, it's free!

What I'm looking forward to when i'm no longer nursing: unlimited coffee and wine!

I know I included most of these things in previous "favorites" but I thought I should organize and make a separate "Nursing must have" post.

Boppy- I have 3.  Excessive, perhaps! But I keep one in each car and one in the nursery.  In the beginning I would have one upstairs and one downstairs.  I always had to be sitting with a boppy to nurse.  I know some girls walk around, cook etc while nursing.  There's no way I could do that!  In the last few months I can use pillows, but still prefer a boppy.

Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra- So supportive.  And pretty and comfortable!  Get this from Amazon because it's so much cheaper than anywhere else!!  I saved like $30 by using Amazon!

Target Nursing Tanks- My pj top every night for 11 months!  The ones with the buttons work the best for me.  But the one in the picture is ok...a little tight in the chest.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced- I used this for 6 weeks (when we were giving him a bottle once a day with rice cereal in it for reflux) and hated every second of it!  Ha!  As soon as he went on meds and we stopped the rice cereal bottles I stopped pumping (and he never took a bottle again.  Ugh!)  Pumping was not for me.  But this pump was great.  Would totally recommend it.

Microwave steam bags to clean all the bottles and pump parts are a must have too!

Lansinoh Nursing Pads- In the beginning you leak, but that doesn't happen anymore.  I wore these mostly in the first few months.


  1. I love this post; I'm going to go check out that pretty nursing bra. I'm just getting the hang of nuring and love reading other people's recommendations!

  2. Oh good! I'm happy to share what worked for me. Oh, and I got the bra on amazon, it was like $30 cheaper than at Nordstrom.


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