Winter Clothing Favorites

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Carter's clothing and shoe essentials for colder weather:

A little late, since it's spring now, but here are our must-haves for Carter's first winter.  I did have a few other things that he wore once or twice, like a puffy jacket from Zara and a few of the puffy fleece one pieces from Old Navy and Gap but it really didn't snow much so we really didn't need them.

North Face Fleece- He started wearing this in October and still wears it almost every day.  Super easy to put on and the hood is great too. (size 6-12 months)

Ugg Booties- We got these around January and he was in between sizes so we got the 4-5.  They are super easy to put on (and take off).  Super cute and warm and have grippers on the bottom.

Widgeon Fleece- We got this in the fall at a little boutique and it is the best to easily put on (velcro closure) and warmer than the North Face.  And adorable!  He wore this every cold day.

Zutano mittens- The string through the arm holes is key so you don't constantly lose the mittens.

BabyGap Jeans-I couldn't find a pic of his exact jeans he wore all winter...but they are so cute.  Size 6-12 months and they are still fitting but getting a little short.  The elastic waist is key.

Carter's onesies- He wore the long-sleeved ones everyday under everything.

Carter's Footed Sleep & Plays/ PJs- He wore the fleece pjs every night with cotton footed ones underneath them when he stopped wearing sleep sacks.  The 12 month pjs have the gripper feet so he can stand and walk safely too.  (When he was younger, he wore these most days.  He lived in these in December, remember the rotation???)

BabyGap hats- He had a bunch of these and they are so cute and warm.

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