things we're obsessed with now

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Olay Pro-X Cleansing Brush-  I've heard so much about Clarisonic brushes lately and almost bought one, but decided to try the Olay version first to see if I'd even use it.  Well, I absolutely LOVE it.  I look forward to washing my face every night.  It takes about a minute, and the results are astonishing (my B.S. degree in Marketing is obviously coming through!)  Seriously, my face is so much smoother and my pores seem smaller and overall my skin feels so much better.  I noticed results the very first time I used it.  But, from all I've read the Clarisonic is even better, so if I'm raving this much about the Olay, then I think I better try the Clarisonic too!
Turkey Hill Salted Caramel All Natural Recipe
Turkey Hill All Natural Salted Caramel Ice Cream- um, go get this now.  It's seriously the bomb.  (I seriously just said, "the bomb"- it's that good.)
Product Details
Green Toys Dump Truck- It rolls so smoothly and he loves pushing it around and filling the back and dumping everything out.
Product Image
Lego Duplos- He carries the box around everywhere and loves shaking it and dumping all the legos out.  He also loves pulling them apart and destroying anything we build for him.  One day, he'll build with them too, I think.
Sperry Top-Sider® 'Halyard' Crib Shoe (Baby)
Sperry Sneaks for the babe- So cute.  Between his navy converse and these grey sneaks he's all set with sneaks.  But now I'm looking for suggestions for outdoor shoes.  Keen?  Other ideas???

Land of Nod Chair- A birthday gift that is sooo cute.  He sits and jumps and climbs in it.

Other favorites now are balls; wiffle, bouncy, basketball, football, nerf, it doesn't matter.

Memorial Day at the Beach

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

 We spent memorial day weekend at the beach house with our family.  Carter had such a blast with his cousin, Ian.  They ran around all day and giggled and played no matter the time...6am or 8pm.  
Unfortunately on Friday and Saturday the weather was more like March then May, so it wasn't really beach weather.

But that didn't stop us from having tons of fun!!
bundled up, but slam dunking, no less!
ian loved his nutty buddy
Sunday was sunny, but still chilly.  
 We played on the porch alot.

practicing pointing to his nose

Then we attempted to play on the beach.

 But, Carter was not a fan of the sand so he stayed on Christian's shoulders.
Then we took the boys to their first "fancy" restaurant.  Carter loved jamming to the music and pointing at the lights.  He thought the chicken fingers were pretty tasty too.  

Good work at the restaurant!
Then we ended with a little fun running on the pier!

Looking forward to more beach fun this summer!

Sick visit continued...

Monday, May 20, 2013

What started as our first sick visit has turned into quite an ordeal...

The swollen eye turned into: an ear infection,  many dirty diapers, a husband covered in vomit, 12 phone calls, 3 doctor's appointments, loads of medicine, a rash on every inch of his body, and an exhausted momma.

We went to the doctor for the swollen eye/ ear infection on Thursday 5/9.  Then started the amoxicillin (which I struggled with since he didn't seem sick).

The next few days were filled with a clingy, sad boy who had frequent diarrhea, ate almost nothing, and took super short (20-30 minute) naps.  And a bunch of phone calls to the pediatrician to make sure we should continue the amoxicillin.

Then on Thursday morning 5/16 he had diarrhea 3 times before 8:00am.  Then in the afternoon he broke out in a rash on his back and chest, small red bumps.  Off to the pediatrician we went.   She said to continue the amoxicillin that night and then stop it (after 8 days, instead of 10.)  It could be a virus he has on top of the ear infection.

But on Friday he woke up and the rash was everywhere.  Face, neck, legs, back, chest, butt....EVERYWHERE.  And super red and scary!  I called as soon as the office opened and back we went to see the doctor.

Friday morning- before it got really bad.  
She said that he was obviously having a reaction to the amoxicillin so he could have a penicillin allergy.  Luckily the rash didn't seem to bother him, just was sooooooo alarming to look at.

I gave him benedryl and motrin and watched as it continued to get worse all day.  Luckily Christian came home for the afternoon, because I was pretty freaked out.  I called the doctor again since it got worse and I was afraid of what the night would bring.  But there really wasn't anything more to do, besides let it run it's course.    
friday afternoon- the poor guy.
When your kid is swollen and covered in a rash and hasn't eaten in days all the rules go out the window.  He wanted Cheerios so he got the whole box and stuffed handfuls in his mouth and threw handfuls all over the living room.  Whatever will make him happy.

It has gradually gotten better.
Saturday morning
It has been quite a week...the poor guy.  And although he was acting pretty normal yesterday, this morning he had a low grade I'm not sure we're in the clear yet.    Ugh.

Our first sick visit

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We made it 1 year and 2 days before Carter's first sick visit to the peditrician last week.  

On Wednesday I was putting him down for a nap and he kept rubbing his left eye.  That night he was fine, then on Thursday morning at breakfast he started rubbing his eye again until it got swollen and red and puffy.  I called the pedi and wasn't sure how serious it was so we decided to wait and see how it looks after a few hours.

We ended up making an appt and the doctor said he had the beginnings of an ear infection.  Who knew?  His eye was back to normal by the time we got to the doctor.  He didn't have a fever and was acting totally normal aside from the previously swollen eye.  She prescribed amoxicillin for him.  I struggled a bit with medicating him, since he seemed perfectly normal.  But we followed the doctor's advice.

Then on Sunday he was obviously having some stomach problems throughout the day and refused to eat and vomited when he did. And he had a 101 fever.  Not sure if the amoxicillin is to blame or a stomach bug, but yesterday and today you can tell he's still not 100%.

He's totally loving on momma, especially from the afternoon on...and by loving on, I mean will not be anywhere but in my arms.  By the time Christian gets home my back is aching.  It totally reminds me of the nonstop-dance-party-back-pain from bouncing a newborn.

He's so sweet and cuddly, but here's hoping that he feels better soon.

Mother's Day

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today was Mother's Day and today was also Carter's first ever "sick day" :(
His little tummy was not happy.
  We had high points of the day like dancing in the car
 and low points like vomiting all over Christian.

Here's our attempt at a mother/son picture today.  

he did not want to be put down and just wanted his momma to hold him
so sad to see him feeling so terrible :(
And a little look back to last year...
Mother's Day 2012:  
Carter was 6 days old.  

Happy Mother's Day!

Carter's first birthday party!

Friday, May 10, 2013

 I worked on the decor for weeks, but was just patiently waiting for the perfect birthday outfit for Carter.  I looked everywhere and stalked babygap almost everyday looking for a red, blue, and teal little gem.   It never came.  I bought many different options, but ended up with this boden shirt and babygap army pants and converse sneaks.  Which I think ended up being pretty cute!

The kids played, adults chatted and ate lunch.  Then we brought out the smash cake...
 He wouldn't touch it.  Christian and I tried to get him interested, but instead I think was overwhelmed with everyone watching him... 
So he just screamed.  hmmmm.  We weren't too surprised!
Then we tried for the kid picture...
Every kid was fine, except for the birthday boy who wanted no parts of it!  oh Carter. 
After that he was happy again, playing and having fun with his family and friends.  

It was a great day (aside from a few tears) and everyone seemed to have lots of fun!
Here are a few more pics...
I couldn't have survived the year without these two mommas!
having a blast inside

practicing their driving

birthday boy!

first birthday in iphone pics

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Here's how we spent Carter's first birthday (in iphone pics)

Donuts for breakfast!!!
seconds later this donut was on the floor and he was eating his usual nutrigrain bar 
 A little "hot dog" dancing!!!
he obviously got his moves from his dad.

Fun at the playground!! 

Then dinner at Chick Fil A!
Which is now known as Carter's other happy place.  He was just loving life (and the chicken nuggets!) 

He had his first taste of ice cream!!

It was a great day!