Carter's 1st Birthday Party: Decor

Monday, May 6, 2013

Carter's 1st Birthday party was on Sunday, May 5th.
We were so lucky with the most beautiful spring day!

 It was a fun project to occupy my time!  Almost everything was tissue paper or cardstock.  Thanks to Pinterest and some blogs for a lot of the cute ideas!  Paper products from Target.
our ONE mantel

cupcakes for dessert from Scatch (cookies n cream and salted caramel) and Sublime (confetti)

the smash cake!  (from Giant) 

cupcake toppers & wrappers and tented cards from Paperling on Etsy  

the drinks (washi tape to write your name on your drink- such a great idea!)

goodie bags for the kids- bubbles, a pinwheel, lollipops, & gummi bears  (& a party hat!)

Ombre 1 made with coffee filters and spray paint

More details and party pics of the birthday boy coming soon!

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