Carter's first birthday party!

Friday, May 10, 2013

 I worked on the decor for weeks, but was just patiently waiting for the perfect birthday outfit for Carter.  I looked everywhere and stalked babygap almost everyday looking for a red, blue, and teal little gem.   It never came.  I bought many different options, but ended up with this boden shirt and babygap army pants and converse sneaks.  Which I think ended up being pretty cute!

The kids played, adults chatted and ate lunch.  Then we brought out the smash cake...
 He wouldn't touch it.  Christian and I tried to get him interested, but instead I think was overwhelmed with everyone watching him... 
So he just screamed.  hmmmm.  We weren't too surprised!
Then we tried for the kid picture...
Every kid was fine, except for the birthday boy who wanted no parts of it!  oh Carter. 
After that he was happy again, playing and having fun with his family and friends.  

It was a great day (aside from a few tears) and everyone seemed to have lots of fun!
Here are a few more pics...
I couldn't have survived the year without these two mommas!
having a blast inside

practicing their driving

birthday boy!


  1. You did a great job! Every detail had a lot of thought and was so sweet.

  2. What a cute party!! Happy Belated birthday Carter!! He is a cutie pie!!

  3. Such adorable birthday bash it was! I wish I could have been present at this gorgeous event. Anyway, I am going to be the part of a Bohemian inspired family gathering that will be held at one of the prettiest Los Angeles event venues by my cousin. She always hosts fun parties so I am eagerly waiting for it.


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