Sick visit continued...

Monday, May 20, 2013

What started as our first sick visit has turned into quite an ordeal...

The swollen eye turned into: an ear infection,  many dirty diapers, a husband covered in vomit, 12 phone calls, 3 doctor's appointments, loads of medicine, a rash on every inch of his body, and an exhausted momma.

We went to the doctor for the swollen eye/ ear infection on Thursday 5/9.  Then started the amoxicillin (which I struggled with since he didn't seem sick).

The next few days were filled with a clingy, sad boy who had frequent diarrhea, ate almost nothing, and took super short (20-30 minute) naps.  And a bunch of phone calls to the pediatrician to make sure we should continue the amoxicillin.

Then on Thursday morning 5/16 he had diarrhea 3 times before 8:00am.  Then in the afternoon he broke out in a rash on his back and chest, small red bumps.  Off to the pediatrician we went.   She said to continue the amoxicillin that night and then stop it (after 8 days, instead of 10.)  It could be a virus he has on top of the ear infection.

But on Friday he woke up and the rash was everywhere.  Face, neck, legs, back, chest, butt....EVERYWHERE.  And super red and scary!  I called as soon as the office opened and back we went to see the doctor.

Friday morning- before it got really bad.  
She said that he was obviously having a reaction to the amoxicillin so he could have a penicillin allergy.  Luckily the rash didn't seem to bother him, just was sooooooo alarming to look at.

I gave him benedryl and motrin and watched as it continued to get worse all day.  Luckily Christian came home for the afternoon, because I was pretty freaked out.  I called the doctor again since it got worse and I was afraid of what the night would bring.  But there really wasn't anything more to do, besides let it run it's course.    
friday afternoon- the poor guy.
When your kid is swollen and covered in a rash and hasn't eaten in days all the rules go out the window.  He wanted Cheerios so he got the whole box and stuffed handfuls in his mouth and threw handfuls all over the living room.  Whatever will make him happy.

It has gradually gotten better.
Saturday morning
It has been quite a week...the poor guy.  And although he was acting pretty normal yesterday, this morning he had a low grade I'm not sure we're in the clear yet.    Ugh.


  1. poor, poor baby! And poor Momma! My friends little guy had the same reaction, and his rash looked very similar. Hope he is doing better now.

  2. thanks! It took a few days, but the rash is gone now and he's back to normal- thankfully!


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