five on friday 8/30

Friday, August 30, 2013

With my new schedule I have not had any time to blog, but since we have the day off today I am enjoying a lazy morning with Carter and had some time to put together my five for this week!  Thanks to the lovely ladies for hosting again!

We survived week one of working and full time daycare!
There were ups and downs, a few tears, very little sleep, but overall it went well!  More on that in another post!
Having Rita's for the first time after our first day of school! He loved it!
Time to plan & organize
I'm really working on organizing everything.  Before I go to bed each night I have my lunch packed, Carter's lunch ready, all of our bags by the door and our outfits laid out.  By the time we get home, making dinner while holding a toddler---it just ain't happening!  We have to work on that!
Organized entryway. Have what you use, get rid of what you don't. Change to colors of the boxes for seasonal colors, or choose colors that work throughout the seasons! #FallHomeDecor #EntrywayStorage #SmallSpaceBigStyle          meal planning printable

Labor Day beach weekend!
We are leaving in a little bit for our last summer weekend at the beach house.  I'm looking forward to spending time with Carter and our family, some yummy food, relaxing, maybe getting a pedicure and reading!!

Labor Day sales
Instead of sitting in the ridiculous shore traffic on monday, we decided we'll come home on Sunday. That way we can plan and organize for the week (see #2) and most importantly, go shopping to catch some great deals with the Labor day sales!  I've already been to the 50% Carter's sale, but my work wardrobe definitely needs a few pieces and Carter needs some fall outfits too!
labor day red bright & blue event up to 40% off select styles. now thru monday, 9/2.     The Land of the Spree

New jeans
On another blog that I read, Pinterest Told Me To she has been raving about these jeans from Nordstrom and I think I'll be ordering them this weekend!  She absolutely swears they are must haves and at $38 why not try them, right!  Oh and if you haven't read her blog, you should.  She's pretty funny and has some great recommendations.  And if you're a bachelor fan, her recaps are the best!

Hope you have a happy, long weekend!

Working Mom: Part 1 (week one)

Friday, August 23, 2013


That pretty much sums it up.  This week was packed with meetings and trainings and unpacking boxes and setting up my classroom.  Being back at school after a year off, new curriculum, new classroom, new building, new routines, it's a lot of new.   I'm trying to maintain my sanity.  In past years I would stay for hours after school and arrive super early to prepare.  But not this year.  I have this other priority.

And I rush out to get to him everyday and don't want to leave him one minute longer than I need to.

The week started off ok.  Monday and Tuesday were fine, but then by Wednesday night I felt sad to have missed him for 3 days in a row.

I know it will take time to adjust and we'll get used to our routine.  He's doing great, really.  Even though his whole world has been turned upside-down.

As far as weaning, on Wednesday we left the house without any sort of request demand to nurse.  I couldn't believe it.  But with all the major changes going on, I didn't push it on Thursday or Friday.  It will happen when we're ready.   

Now we prepare for next week, when not only will I have 1 little face looking up at me, needing my attention, there will be 22 others.   And it will all work out.

five on friday 8/16

Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm linking up today with these great blogs!  Thanks so much for hosting, ladies!

savoring the last few days of carefree summer
This week I enjoyed every moment of SAHM life.  I savored our lazy mornings in our pajamas, sipping coffee with nowhere to be.  We played outside so much in the most beautiful summer weather and had a"special" lunch at Chick-fil-a.  I really can't believe the enormous transformation that life is about to take for us.  As much as I'm looking forward to it, I'm also becoming nostalgic for the last 15 months.  Last time I was in the classroom I was 39 weeks pregnant.  Oh how life has changed.

school technology
(figuring out what to do with one iPad and a room of 1st graders)
I've been off for 1 year and I come back and it's like technology has exploded in my classroom...iPads and Apple TV and all kinds of stuff.  I would LOVE any suggestions you have or apps you use in your classroom. Please share!!!
 I've also been working on a blog for my classroom.  My school district sets them up on Wordpress and it's so much more complicated than blogger.  I've spent so much time getting my blog together and it's been frustrating, to say the least.  My biggest frustration is adding pictures and they that won't change size...AH!!!
I welcome any tips on that too!!
this is the case I just got for my iPad

I'm looking for a new spacious laptop case for my laptop and you have ideas???

weaning completely
He's 15 months and still nursing once a day, in the morning.  It's become our routine and with going back to school I've been trying to stop, but he isn't having it.  He screams and points upstairs to his room and then points or carries the boppy to me.  Just stopping won't work, so I've been trying to cut down the time to 5 minutes per side.  And then he protests...any suggestions?
shorts and long sleeves
These last few mornings it's been in the low 60's and it's getting that fall feeling and I love it!  I am loving wearing long sleeves and shorts and having a little of the best of summer and fall for a few weeks.  Yesterday it was so chilly in the morning that I craved a Pumpkin Spice Latte- already!!!  We have one more beach weekend for Labor Day, then I'll officially be ready for apples and mums!

looking forward to shopping again
It's no secret that not having your own paycheck is no fun!  I've definitely slowed my shopping since I haven't been working.  But I'm getting excited to have my own income again and I've been keeping a little mental shopping list.  I'm coming back and I've missed you, Piperlime!!!!
nordstrom infinity scarf

Color Block Hunter Boots
I have lots of questions this week so please share any ideas you have! 
 Have a happy weekend!  

five on friday 8/2

Friday, August 2, 2013


I thought I'd join in on five on friday again this week!  I love seeing new blogs and hearing about everyone's 5 for the week!

an (almost) full day at daycare.  
It's been a difficult transition to daycare, (which we totally knew it would be) so Carter's just been going for the mornings.  But it's less than a month til I'm back to teaching full time, so when I picked him up on Tuesday and he was sitting at the lunch table not crying, I knew he had his best day at daycare so far!  We're taking small steps so yesterday he stayed through naptime, until 2:30.  When I got there it was still naptime and they said that he had a good day!  And he slept for about an hour on his mat.  WHAT?!?!  I seriously couldn't believe it!  When I walked in he was laying quietly and awake on his mat.  Who is this kid?!  I was so happy!  Making good progress!

skip hop backpack and lunch box
Carter got his lunch box and backpack for Christmas and I just ADORE them!  We take them everyday to daycare and they're just freaking adorable!  They come in so many cute animals, it was tough to choose!  You can get the backpacks here and the lunch boxes here.

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Sunless Tanner Gelee
I am SPF-crazy, but my milky-white skin definitely needs some color and for years I've sworn by L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Gelee.  I've tried so many different brands and had some pretty traumatic results (hand prints and streaking).  But I swear by this one!  It's a gel that spreads evenly and looks natural, not orange.  Two years ago I couldn't find it in any stores and I thought it was discountinued but I found it online and ordered 5 tubes!  It's that good!

farmstand fruits and veggies
I live in Pennsylvania where farmstands are everywhere and everything is homegrown and fresh.  I totally have not been stopping at them enough.  This week I made a caprese lasagna with all locally grown veggies (I add more than just tomatoes) from a sweet little amish roadside stand.  I got a bunch of roma tomatoes, blueberries, 2 yellow squash, a zuchini, and baby potatoes for $4.75.  Isn't that crazy!?  Tonight the leftover tomatoes are being whipped up into Emeril's bruschetta (try this recipe it's so good!)  With such great veggies so easily accessible I really don't have an excuse to not eat them all the time.

back to school shopping- teacher style
School is on the brain and one of my other major concerns about starting work is that my old clothes don't fit anymore and would fall right off.  And I don't think my current uniform of shorts or yoga capris and target tanks and v-necks would really fly with my principal.  I've had such a hard time finding pants that fit me and went to many stores looking for basic black or grey capris and pants.  I'm a pant girl at school, for sure.  I'm constantly up and down and sitting on the carpet.  But finally this week I found some pants that fit at the Banana outlet and the J.Crew outlet!  I need a little hemming here and there, but at least I have something to wear for the first few weeks.

Thanks for reading my five this week!