five on friday 8/16

Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm linking up today with these great blogs!  Thanks so much for hosting, ladies!

savoring the last few days of carefree summer
This week I enjoyed every moment of SAHM life.  I savored our lazy mornings in our pajamas, sipping coffee with nowhere to be.  We played outside so much in the most beautiful summer weather and had a"special" lunch at Chick-fil-a.  I really can't believe the enormous transformation that life is about to take for us.  As much as I'm looking forward to it, I'm also becoming nostalgic for the last 15 months.  Last time I was in the classroom I was 39 weeks pregnant.  Oh how life has changed.

school technology
(figuring out what to do with one iPad and a room of 1st graders)
I've been off for 1 year and I come back and it's like technology has exploded in my classroom...iPads and Apple TV and all kinds of stuff.  I would LOVE any suggestions you have or apps you use in your classroom. Please share!!!
 I've also been working on a blog for my classroom.  My school district sets them up on Wordpress and it's so much more complicated than blogger.  I've spent so much time getting my blog together and it's been frustrating, to say the least.  My biggest frustration is adding pictures and they that won't change size...AH!!!
I welcome any tips on that too!!
this is the case I just got for my iPad

I'm looking for a new spacious laptop case for my laptop and you have ideas???

weaning completely
He's 15 months and still nursing once a day, in the morning.  It's become our routine and with going back to school I've been trying to stop, but he isn't having it.  He screams and points upstairs to his room and then points or carries the boppy to me.  Just stopping won't work, so I've been trying to cut down the time to 5 minutes per side.  And then he protests...any suggestions?
shorts and long sleeves
These last few mornings it's been in the low 60's and it's getting that fall feeling and I love it!  I am loving wearing long sleeves and shorts and having a little of the best of summer and fall for a few weeks.  Yesterday it was so chilly in the morning that I craved a Pumpkin Spice Latte- already!!!  We have one more beach weekend for Labor Day, then I'll officially be ready for apples and mums!

looking forward to shopping again
It's no secret that not having your own paycheck is no fun!  I've definitely slowed my shopping since I haven't been working.  But I'm getting excited to have my own income again and I've been keeping a little mental shopping list.  I'm coming back and I've missed you, Piperlime!!!!
nordstrom infinity scarf

Color Block Hunter Boots
I have lots of questions this week so please share any ideas you have! 
 Have a happy weekend!  


  1. THOSE BOOTS!!!!!! So great! Wordpress will let you re-size, it's just a pain in the neck. There's a panel on the right when you upload or choose a photo that'll say "attachment details." All the way at the bottom of that panel you can choose which size you want from pre-selected options. Once you add, you can also go back and click the photo in the post draft and a little graphic will show in the upper left corner and it'll let you change the size by percentages or the same pre-selected size options. Hope you have a fun last few days, this weather has been SO perfect!!

  2. p.s. Love that you're setting up a blog for your class:)

  3. stopping by from the link up! Good luck heading back to work, it is tough but I agree having your own paycheck is nice!! Your little guy is so cute by the way!!

  4. WOW, I can't believe all of that is in classrooms now. When I was in first grade, we did not have so much as a telephone in our classroom. Geez.

    And yes wordpress is so much more difficult than Blogger, ugh!!!

  5. I am also SO ready for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes! They are my favorite!

  6. Good luck going back to work! It will be a transition, but you'll figure out a new normal and b e able to enjoy it! =)

    I always say that the best part of me working is that I get to shop!

  7. coming over from the link up...those Hunter block rain boots are so cute! Good luck getting all the tech classroom stuff figured out!

  8. With the weaning, I'm afraid you may just have to stop cold turkey. It won't be easy at first, but after a few days it will get better. Good luck!

  9. I cant wait for pumpkin spiced lates and caramel apple ciders from Starbucks!

  10. I've been counting the days until Pumpkin Spice Lattes come back! (But, not gonna lie, I've been making pumpkin drinks already at home. Oops. Not sorry.) Found you through last week's link up!


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