Five on Friday 9/27

Friday, September 27, 2013

It's been a while since I've had time to put together a post for Five on Friday.  This working full-time thing is getting in the way of my blogging.  Thankfully I try to find a little time at night to catch up on some blogs so I'm not totally out of the loop with what's going on and what the cool kids are up to! ha!  Thanks to Darci, Natasha, April, and Christina for hosting!

Spa Day
On Sunday we had our annual spa day with my mom and sister, my bff and her mom.  We've done it for years and this may have been my favorite year ever!  We met for brunch with mimosas and champagne and then went to the spa at Hotel Hershey.  I'm usually pretty picky about spa services, but I had a great massage.  I think being non-stop everyday from 5:30am-8pm would make any massage seem heavenly!  The best part of the Hershey Spa is that after your service you sit around in your robe, read magazines and chat.  

this is exactly how we looked on sunday!
Fall Fairs
On Wednesday evening we decided we should muster up all of our energy and take Carter to a local fair.  We met our friends and watched a tractor parade.  Carter ran around and climbed on construction equipment, and saw cows, goats, sheep, and pigs.  Luckily Christian was holding him for the live animal part and encouraging him to feed the cows and touch the sheep.  That's not really my thing! ha!  

There's another fair this weekend that we may go to as well and that one is less farm-focused and more about the fried foods and games.  Funnel cakes and corn dogs sound good to me!

Toddler fall clothes
I totally took advantage of the gap 40% promotion the other week.  I got Carter some cute new clothes.  But-----big problem.  The 12-18 month pants are too short!  What?!  The waists are big but he's stuck in a flood.  Not cute.  I've been dressing him in shorts and long sleeves for a few weeks trying to avoid the pant problem.  But I think it's time to put the shorts away and figure out these pants.  
Colorblock TUtility knit-waist original fit jeans
I also got him his first pair of Toms, I actually ordered two pairs because I couldn't decide on the brown or navy.  And he's between sizes in those too!  This weekend I'll decide which ones we'll keep. 

Our neighbor has mini pumpkins in a planter and every day at least once a day Carter runs over and says   "ap-pul" as he hands me every pumpkin and then puts each one back.  So I broke down and bought Carter his very own small "ap-pul" at the grocery store.  I broke my own rule and bought a pumpkin before October at the grocery store.  We'll definitely be making a trip to a pumpkin patch and buy a bunch more in October!

Daily iced coffee(s)
Now that I'm no longer nursing and I go non-stop all day I treat myself to 2 cups of iced coffee- Starbucks French Roast or Starbucks Vanilla.  I started adding a little cinnamon for a little change and since reading an article about how Splenda is not so good for you, I've been experimenting with Truvia and sugar.  What do you use to sweeten your coffee?  I don't know what I'd do without our Keurig!    


  1. I stocked up for fall/winter clothes for Cameron, too, but the 12-18 month waists are WAY too big for him, so we have to roll them!!! Overalls have been our saving grace!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I just stopped nursing too and look forward to my 2 cups each day too! I have one hot and one iced. Love those little toms, my little one wears hers almost every day. I actually need to order her the navy ones, she always wears navy and I never have shoes to match! I'm jealous of your fall festivals and fairs, I'm hoping we can find some in our area! Happy Weekend!

  3. We have just stocked up on fall clothes for my daughter too! She has 3 new pairs of TOMs! Aren't they the best?!

  4. Toms seriously are my favorite little boy shoes! We have a red pair and a navy pair and LOVE them both!

  5. I use agave nectar to sweeten my coffee. I highly recommend giving it a try!

  6. My little lives in his navy Toms. They run big, so we have a half size smaller than his size. I'm sure you'll keep both lol. :) Love the blog!

  7. I'm a huge Truvia fan! I've never done any research on if its bad for you... but its my go to!

  8. I'm hoping to check out a few fall fairs with the kiddies this Autumn. Looks like your little one had a blast!

  9. My boys have the same problems with pants, overalls and one piece outfits save the day!

  10. Oh, that is such a great tradition a spa day with the girls! I need to make that happen with my Momma! I am missing my two cups of coffee a day so much right now. Your iced coffees sound delish! Love the pumpkin pics. I broke down and bought a few at the very end of Sept. too, which is totally not my norm but decided what the heck. I think it's something about having kids!

  11. oh my a spa day? yes please! love the tradition. and im soooooooo jealous of your coffee routine. im nursing and can't wait for the day i can consume as much caffeine as i want without it getting to baby :) love the post! xox


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