October Weekend and (Mommy & Me)

Monday, October 14, 2013

The ups and downs of our weekend---
The ups...
1,Sunday ended with some much needed girl time at a wine bar.
2.Carter loved everything about the farm where we picked our pumpkins
He could't get enough of the farm animals...
and he loved pushing the wagon

 The downs of the weekend...
1. Carter's been super fussy from teething (we guess)
2. Guiliana and Bill were in town for a Breast Cancer Event and I was so excited to see them....
only I thought it was on Sunday and it was actually on Saturday 

Anyway... I'm linking up with Emily from Dear Owen for a few Mommy & Me pics from the weekend

 We were just hanging out on Saturday 
when he grabbed my cheeks with both of his hands and planted a big kiss on my lips....omg.  

Working Mom: Sick Toddler

Friday, October 11, 2013

I've dreaded this week since I went back to work.

Carter was sick.  

And when you're a teacher you can't just not show up for work.  This leads to a BIG challenge when your kid wakes up with a fever.  

(It's especially challenging for me because I'm kind of anal about sub plans.  I need everything to be set out and clearly marked in my plans.) 

BUT luckily my mom lives 15 minutes away and she came to the rescue this week!  Carter spent Tuesday with her and they went pumpkin shopping and played on the playground.  She said he was happy as could be, just had a low grade fever.  On Wednesday he went to daycare and was fine but the fever came back in the late afternoon so we went to the doctor and they said no ear infection, negative on the strep test- it looked like the fever was just from a sore throat.

He couldn't go back to daycare the next day since he had a fever, so AGAIN- my mom volunteered to change her plans for today and watch him this morning so I would only have to get a sub for this afternoon.

Having a mom like mine is pretty much the best case scenario!  We're so lucky that she's nearby and so willing to help!

But I'm already stressed about when he'll be sick again...

A Day in the Life

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I finally put together a day in the life post, thanks to Ashley at The Domestic Wannabe!  Here's a little glimpse into a day in our lives.

5:15am I wake up to a few cries upstairs (Carter's room is directly above ours) and check the monitor, he's standing, but after a few seconds he's asleep again.  I doze in and out of sleep until 5:45 when Christian's alarm goes off and I push gently tap him to get up so I can get in the shower on time.

6:07am I get into the shower and get dressed
6:27am I make my first iced coffee and check some blogs while I wait for Carter to wake up.  He's usually up by now.

6:40am I go to dry my hair and I hear that Carter is up.  Christian gets him, changes his diaper, and gets him dressed (in the outfit I laid out last night)

6:55am Carter is eating a waffle and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Then he starts running around and I chase him and play "I'm gonna get you"
6:55am I make my second iced coffee for the road, grab a waffle for myself, a snack catcher of Cheerios and Carter's sippy cup of water

7:10am We're in the car for school

7:35am We arrive at Carter's school (daycare) and I drop him off with his teacher.  He reaches out to her and waves bye-bye to me.
7:45am I arrive at my school and start doing 1 of the 54739 things on my to-do list.  From the moment I arrive at school until the moment I leave, I don't stop.  I eat my pita pizza and chat with my friends for like 5 minutes at lunch before I'm back to work.  Luckily it's a day that I don't have recess duty!  And bonus--my class has Art today so I have an extra long prep time!

4:00pm I rush to pick up Carter, leaving 57487 things on my to-do list for tomorrow.  I bring home a few things to work on later.

4:10pm Carter's in the playroom and comes running to me and gives me a huge hug.  Obviously, the best part of my day!  We get his backpack and his "report card."  He was cheerful and napped for 1 hour 50 minutes!  I love reading about his day and all of the things he does and learns (which is tons!)

4:50pm We arrive home and he high-tails it to his lawn mower and starts mowing the driveway and the neighbor's yard.  We wander around the neighborhood, picking up everyone's pumpkins.  We walk down to the pond with a fountain and pick up acorns.  Then Carter throws them into the pond and squeals each time.  We walk back to the tree to get handfuls of acorns and keep throwing over and over.  Then he walks all around the little pond and throws any leaves or mulch or pebbles.  This kid loves to throw.  Eventually he walks up to me, reaches, and says "up" to be carried home.

5:55pm I start making heating up dinner (chicken fingers for him, Tuscan Chicken soup for me).  We eat dinner together.

6:35pm Carter and I sit down on the couch to watch Mickey Mouse when Christian walks in the door.  Carter is obviously exhausted and content to lounge on my lap.  Christian eats dinner and we all hang out in the living room, playing and talking.

7:15pm  I take Carter up to take a bath while Christian cleans and fills the humidifier.

7:35 I read a few books to Carter and then sing a few songs to him before putting him in his crib.

7:50 I sit on the couch and check blogs, facebook, e-mail etc.  Christian suggests we watch Homeland and I'm sold, the work I brought home will have to wait until tomorrow!   (I also have approximately 6 cherry Twizzlers (super long nibs- so good!) and 2 snack size Kit Kats.)

9:45 I'm tired and get ready for bed.

1. What is the most surprising thing about being a mom?
The ridiculous, all-consuming love you have for your baby.  You don't even know you are capable of feeling so much love and it grows and grows.

2. What advice would you give to new mamas?
Write everything down.  I'm so glad I started to blog when Carter was 1 month old.  I tried hard to write down the good and the bad (and we had a lot of rough times in the beginning) and I'm so glad I have this to look back on and remember.  It's amazing how fast time flies and how you can't remember everything.

3. What are your top 3 baby products?
Baby Bjorn- It was the only way I could take Carter anywhere without him screaming

Halo Sleep Sacks and Swaddle Me's- we used these for about 5 months.

Video Monitor- I can't imagine not having a video.  Definitely worth it!