Working Mom: Sick Toddler

Friday, October 11, 2013

I've dreaded this week since I went back to work.

Carter was sick.  

And when you're a teacher you can't just not show up for work.  This leads to a BIG challenge when your kid wakes up with a fever.  

(It's especially challenging for me because I'm kind of anal about sub plans.  I need everything to be set out and clearly marked in my plans.) 

BUT luckily my mom lives 15 minutes away and she came to the rescue this week!  Carter spent Tuesday with her and they went pumpkin shopping and played on the playground.  She said he was happy as could be, just had a low grade fever.  On Wednesday he went to daycare and was fine but the fever came back in the late afternoon so we went to the doctor and they said no ear infection, negative on the strep test- it looked like the fever was just from a sore throat.

He couldn't go back to daycare the next day since he had a fever, so AGAIN- my mom volunteered to change her plans for today and watch him this morning so I would only have to get a sub for this afternoon.

Having a mom like mine is pretty much the best case scenario!  We're so lucky that she's nearby and so willing to help!

But I'm already stressed about when he'll be sick again...

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  1. As a teacher, I know EXACTLY how you are feeling...Cameron was not able to go to day care 5 or 6 times last year, and luckily, Chad and my mom filled in, but I did have to take some days off. I hate that feeling, but I hate a sick baby even more. I secretly love the extra cuddle days. :)


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