Halloween 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

On Halloween I took a half day at school so Carter could get his flu shot and I could go to his school for the Halloween parade!  He came out with his class and held hands with his teachers and just looked around.  Then as soon as he saw me he high-tailed it over and that was the end of the walking.  

no hood, of course!

at the parade
Then after school we headed to Lauren's house to see Jonathan and Ava.  Carter was not loving the costume again and wasn't too cooperative with the pics.

Ava is a candy corn princess- cutest costume ever!
Afterwards we trick or treated at a few of our neighbor's houses!

And just for fun here is Halloween last year!

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  1. What a sweet pumpkin! He is too dang cute! Enjoy your weekend!


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