Our First Trip without Carter

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This weekend we went to Florida for my sister's wedding.  This was my first night (2 actually) away from Carter.

Christian's parents happily agreed to watch Carter.  Christian and I did a lot of debating about what would be the best for everyone.   A few weeks ago I suggested that Christian change flights and come down on Sunday morning in time for the wedding but so that it would only be 1 night away from us.

But we continued on with the original plan...

On Saturday morning we left for the airport with a kiss and wave and he happily played with Christian's mom.

We got to the airport and I was immediately overcome with a feeling of freedom...for the first time in 18 months I was only responsible for myself!  Christian and Paul said I was twirling around like a crazy person who'd never been to an airport before!

Saturday afternoon our phones were flooded with pictures of Carter beaming happily, playing at the playground, hanging with his cousin.  We were situated in our ocean front room, the cocktails were flowing...loving life!!!
my view
happy boy at home!

Until Sunday morning at 8:30 when I got the text that Carter was up from 12:30-5:30am. What?!

Cue the anxiety-ridden momma.

But we came up with a plan and I did my best to relax- there was really nothing I could do.  So I decided to go to the pool for the 20 minutes I had before getting ready for the wedding.  Those 20 minutes were like bliss.
I laid on the cozy pool chaise, watched the palms trees swaying, listened to the spa music, sipped on an iced latte, and soaked in the hot tub.

Then it was wedding time. It was sunny and beautiful and everyone was calm, but excited.
At the cocktail hour Michael Jordan and his wife made an appearance having brunch on the patio.  My champagne glass was constantly being refilled...back to the blissful state.
beautiful bride, Julie and groom , Karl and friend, Sandy
After the wedding we decided to check in to see the status...and as they answered a dagger was stabbed in my chest as I heard the blood-wrenching screams of my poor, tired sweet boy.   The day was not going swimmingly...

Another plan was set in place and I headed back to the pool to breathe and reboot...(after of course, we'd checked all airlines and airports to see if we could get an earlier flight home)

The full moon was rising over the ocean as we joined the group on the oceanside patio for drinks. We were worried, but had fun...

Everyone assured us that "He won't remember any of this..."  And then my dad (who is 72 years old) piped up with a story about how he remembers being left at his grandparents for a weekend when he was 2 and he cried the whole time and he thought his parents were never coming back and he remembers all of it.

Omg!  We all died of laughter as my mom was poking him saying that was the wrong story to be telling!

Then on Monday morning we got the text that he slept through the night and things were better, but not great.
We were so happy to see him when we got home and after a few minutes he was back to fun-loving Carter!

A nice gift card is on its way to Christian's parents... It could take weeks for them to recover.

Lessons Learned:

1. Take a night away from your high-need toddler-you really need it!

2. Start with going away for only one night

3. Always listen to the mom, ignore any directions from the father that contradict the mother -she knows best, of course!

4. Always have your phone ready to catch a pic of the celeb sighting at your wedding

5. You never really appreciate the small things until you're a mom and you're by yourself and you have time to notice them


  1. Oh my gosh! I would have just taken the champagne bottle with a straw and sat by the pool. ;) Haha! We are going away for THREE NIGHTS across the country....I sure hope my mom survives!! It's during the week, so he will be at day care, which makes me feel better, but I am fearful of the no-sleeping at night. At least if it happens, I will know I'm not the only one!! I am SO glad you got away...we DO need time to ourselves...we forget what it's like to be a woman and an adult sometimes!!

  2. Oh good luck, Jess! I think during the week would be better since his daytime routine won't change with going to daycare. Carter's world was 100% different and that was just too much!


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