Christmas gifts (for a 1.5 year old)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Kitchen- I researched a bunch of options and went with Ian's expert 2 year old opinion- my sister said what he loves most about this kitchen is that the buttons make sounds (like the microwave, stove, phone, oven etc)  He also got this play food and these dishes.  They're great!

Table  He LOVES it and has eaten every meal there since he got it.  I'm working on paint colors!

Blocks We found these at a local toy store.  Super cute!

Book He loves construction equipment, of course!

Rainboots A few months ago he figured out how awesome it is to stomp in puddles and now he'll be prepared for the next rainy day!

Train tracks We only had a few tracks so this set makes for more fun with trains!

T- ball set This isn't the exact one he got, but very similar.  We've only played inside so far and we're working on his swing- big improvement from the first day when he used the wrong end of the bat!

       There were other awesome gifts that I will write more about after we used them more!

A (sort of) Merry Christmas

our living room a few days before Christmas

The Merry:

  • Christmas morning at our house was everything we could have dreamed of and more!
  • When we walked into the living room he jumped out of my arms and ran to his presents and started playing with his wrapped gifts!
  • It took 1 hour to open 4 presents because he loved each one and would play with each toy before opening another!

  • He loved that Santa ate the cookies and he remembered where we left the plate!

  • His reaction when he realized the kitchen he unwrapped was for him- pure amazement and awe!
still shot from a video

  • Jumping with Ian on his trampoline saying "jump jump!"  
  • Hugging the Christmas tree when I told him we have to say "night night" to it.  Then waving and saying "buh bye" as we took it down.
  • Sitting at his new table and kicking his feet as he looked side to side admiring his new kitchen set up!
  • Christian and me laughing hysterically at ourselves while we watched our video of Christmas!
  • We all loved our gifts and feel so fortunate to have our loving and caring family.

The Not-so Merry:

  • Canceling Christmas Eve celebrations with Christian's family because Carter was sick and coughing non-stop and either screaming or sleeping on us all day.
  • Not being able to play with Ian on Christmas day because Ian was so sick and went to Urgent Care and had croup   
  • None of us sleeping on Christmas night
  • Attempting a rescheduled Christmas with Christian's family but Carter wasn't too cooperative
  • Going to the pediatrician and Carter having an ear infection (and Christian and I getting sick too)

It definitely wasn't how I envisioned our Christmas, but the merry times were very merry!

(Christian was all about the videos so I have almost no pictures- is that a mom fail or a success for living in the moment?  I'll count it as a little of both!)

Thanks to my sis-in-law for the only good photos we have this year!

Our Christmas Card 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

-the back-

After trying out many cards on many websites, I went with TinyPrints this year!

Santa, Santa! Ho Ho Ho!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

This morning we went downtown to see Santa. 
We didn't go last year so this is our first Santa picture.

We've been talking about Santa and we've been practicing the "Special Santa call" from MMC. 

 "Santa, Santa! Ho Ho Ho!"  

So when we saw Santa sitting in the corner of the lobby Carter's eyes were glued on him.  We walked up and said hello and Santa handed Carter a candy cane, which Carter actually reached out and took!  I was amazed and thought- wow, we're in, this is gonna be great.  

Then...I tried putting him in his lap.  Hysterical screams.
There's something about screaming children in Santa's lap that is so adorable, right?!

We collected ourselves and stopped to pet some reindeer on the way out.

A few minutes later I said, "Wasn't it so great meeting Santa?!?" and he answered, "Yep, Yep!"  

Thanksgiving weekend

Monday, December 2, 2013

We spent Thanksgiving at Christian's parents' house.
Here is Carter's cute place card that my mother-in-law made!

Carter had so much fun on Thanksgiving!  He kept saying "Happy" for Happy Thanksgiving.  So cute! 

But Friday morning we went to the pediatrician.  Carter had pinkeye.  It got better pretty quickly with the drops and I did lots of laundry and sanitizing.  Luckily no one else got it!

A little case of pinkeye didn't stop us decorating the house!  

He was tree-obsessed.  He moved the same ornaments about 27 times each.  He just giggled and clapped each time he hung one on a branch!  

Almost immediately I discovered that most of our ornaments weren't going to work anymore .  After the third ornament broke, I closed the box and said it's time to go shopping!  
Our tree is much more family-friendly now (especially the bottom 2/3!)

On Sunday we went to Dutch Winter Wonderland with my parents and Ian.  

The boys were so excited.  Carter just kept repeating "rides!"  
We went on a bunch of rides and saw tons of Christmas lights.  

It was a little overwhelming, I think and he insisted on being held the whole time.  
My arms ache today from my 2 hour arm workout!  

Every time we asked if he liked a ride or was having fun he enthusiastically answered, "yep yep!"  

It was so wonderful to have this break from school and spend so much fun time with our family!  
And now it's just a few weeks until Christmas!!