A (sort of) Merry Christmas

Monday, December 30, 2013

our living room a few days before Christmas

The Merry:

  • Christmas morning at our house was everything we could have dreamed of and more!
  • When we walked into the living room he jumped out of my arms and ran to his presents and started playing with his wrapped gifts!
  • It took 1 hour to open 4 presents because he loved each one and would play with each toy before opening another!

  • He loved that Santa ate the cookies and he remembered where we left the plate!

  • His reaction when he realized the kitchen he unwrapped was for him- pure amazement and awe!
still shot from a video

  • Jumping with Ian on his trampoline saying "jump jump!"  
  • Hugging the Christmas tree when I told him we have to say "night night" to it.  Then waving and saying "buh bye" as we took it down.
  • Sitting at his new table and kicking his feet as he looked side to side admiring his new kitchen set up!
  • Christian and me laughing hysterically at ourselves while we watched our video of Christmas!
  • We all loved our gifts and feel so fortunate to have our loving and caring family.

The Not-so Merry:

  • Canceling Christmas Eve celebrations with Christian's family because Carter was sick and coughing non-stop and either screaming or sleeping on us all day.
  • Not being able to play with Ian on Christmas day because Ian was so sick and went to Urgent Care and had croup   
  • None of us sleeping on Christmas night
  • Attempting a rescheduled Christmas with Christian's family but Carter wasn't too cooperative
  • Going to the pediatrician and Carter having an ear infection (and Christian and I getting sick too)

It definitely wasn't how I envisioned our Christmas, but the merry times were very merry!

(Christian was all about the videos so I have almost no pictures- is that a mom fail or a success for living in the moment?  I'll count it as a little of both!)

Thanks to my sis-in-law for the only good photos we have this year!

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