Santa, Santa! Ho Ho Ho!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

This morning we went downtown to see Santa. 
We didn't go last year so this is our first Santa picture.

We've been talking about Santa and we've been practicing the "Special Santa call" from MMC. 

 "Santa, Santa! Ho Ho Ho!"  

So when we saw Santa sitting in the corner of the lobby Carter's eyes were glued on him.  We walked up and said hello and Santa handed Carter a candy cane, which Carter actually reached out and took!  I was amazed and thought- wow, we're in, this is gonna be great.  

Then...I tried putting him in his lap.  Hysterical screams.
There's something about screaming children in Santa's lap that is so adorable, right?!

We collected ourselves and stopped to pet some reindeer on the way out.

A few minutes later I said, "Wasn't it so great meeting Santa?!?" and he answered, "Yep, Yep!"  

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  1. Aww! Poor little guy! I'm having a Santa picture link up over on my blog on Thursday. I'd love it if you joined in the fun. :) Have a great Monday!


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