Summer favorites for a toddler

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Janie & Jack hats
Carter has 3 of these and wears one every day.  They are the best because of the strap under his chin and they stay on!  They are reversible, but he usually wears the plain navy side.  When you have momma's fair skin and super blonde hair a good hat is a MUST!!

BabyGanics Spray Sunscreen
Back to the fair skin...another must have!  I like this because it sprays on and rubs in pretty quickly.  The non-spray lotion is hard to rub in.  This is much better!

Janie & Jack rash guards
Love these rashguards.  He has 3 and they are great!  2 are long sleeved which is great for the UV protection and 1 is short sleeved.  They look super cute too!  He wears 6-12 months.  (He has a Janie and Jack swimsuit but they run really big.  His is 3-6 months!)

Gap Bathing Suits
He has 2 suits from BabyGap (12-18 months) and they are my faves!  But Gap didn't have rashguards that matched.  Luckily I found Janie and Jack rashguards to match!

I didn't think my boy would wear Crocs, but we got a pair of hand-me-downs and he wears them almost everyday (except school days).  They are easy to put on and I like that we don't have to bother with socks.

Carter's sweat shorts
Just basic shorts that he has in a few colors.  They seem super comfy and easy to wear, so if he is wearing other shorts I usually change him into these for nap.

***a little sidenote...I bought Carter some of the BabyGap cargo shorts with the elastic waistband in the spring in 12-18 months and they are HUGE!!!  I thought that he'd grow into them, but he hasn't and they are just sitting in a drawer waiting to be worn.  So, lesson learned don't order too far ahead of time.

Here are my other "favorites"

Weekend in iPhotos

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We had such a fun weekend at the beach! But, as I'm writing this I'm really side tracked with the drama on the bachelorette. Finally it's getting interesting this season!

Anyway back to our weekend!!! Here are some highlights:

On Friday we met my friend, Jess and her daughter, Grace at market.  After we walked around we went to a little park with a fountain.  Grace taught Carter about throwing coins in the fountain.  We're only down about 79 coins!  
This was a Jess pic, not an iPhone pic.  It's obvious I didnt take it!
After market we drove to the beach for the rest of the weekend.

the playground with Ian
We went to the rides on the boardwalk.  At first Ian went on a few rides while we watched. Then we tried the Merry Go Round again. And this time he sat on a horse (one that didn't go up and down)
 Then Christian said we should try putting Carter on a ride with Ian.  I wasn't sure, but...
He beamed immediately!! They loved riding the dune buggy together!

steering the car and honking the horn!
Next was the boats!  
Then we finished with another ride on the Merry Go Round and this time he went on a horse that moved!!  

On Monday morning we went to my friend, Lauren's beach house to have a pool playdate with Ava and Jonathan.

Another super fun summer weekend!

SFL #9 Read 3 books

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summers used to be spent reading for hours at the beach, but since having Carter, reading (aside from baby help books) has not happened.  So I put this on my Summer Fun List so that I'd have to do it!
Here are the books I read so far this summer and a little about each:
I started following Kelle's blog (enjoying the small things) last year.  It was one of those blogs that brought me to tears and intrigued me so much that I read it for hours.  Her pictures are awesome and although I felt like I knew her story from her blog, it was still interesting to read her whole emotional account of being a mom and the unexpected turn when having her daughter born with Down Syndrome.  
I've read so many Jodi books and it's always a safe choice if you're at a loss for what to read.  (Nineteen Minutes, My Sister's Keeper are a few favorites)  So I picked this one off the shelf since I hadn't read it yet.  The big topics were infertility, gay marriage, divorce, and alcoholism amongst many others (as Jodi books always have lots of big topics).  I wouldn't say this is one of my favorite Jodi books, but it was entertaining.   
I've read all of her books and they're always quick reads.  This doesn't disappoint!  Teenage pregnancy and adoption are the main topics.  I'd recommend this for a good beach read, for sure!
I may have time for one or two more non-school books this summer.  Have your read any good books? 
 I'd love some book recommendations!
Here's the rest of my Summer Fun List.

What's going on now...Mid July

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First---we've been loving some more beach time and pool time!
still HATES the sand, but played with the shovel, it's a start!
so happy to be back on land (the boardwalk, at least!)
loving walking on the boardwalk 
Next---Daycare.  hmmm.  It's been tough.  So far he's gone for 4 half days and this morning when I dropped him off he cried as soon as we got there.  I think he's starting to recognize where we are and what's going to happen. :(

And to make it worse he's been waking up SUPER early (4:45 this morning and tossing and turning til 6:15). He's so tired and that's definitely not helping with daycare transition.

His teacher is so nice and they assure me that he's doing fine.  Last week he even got the "cheerful" heart filled in on his little report card!!!

I'm totally going back and forth about how much longer we should do half days and if we should try a whole day.  I feel like he should have a good morning before stretching it to the whole day.  But we'll see how each day goes, I guess.

In other news---He's no longer throwing everything and he now lays down and cooperates for diaper changes!!!!  It's no longer a full fledged battle to change a diaper!!  It's the little things, obviously!  The iPad in the car has been a huge lifechanger too.  Trips to the beach--- no problem, turn on a little Mickey or Chuggington and we're good to go!!

And with the few hours that Carter's been at daycare, I've been thinking's going to be here soon.  AND...I have nothing to wear.  Yes, I have lots to prepare and organize for my classroom, but first things first.  None of my old school pants fit anymore, they literally fall off.  So I went to 5 stores last week to try on black capris (my unofficial school uniform) and none of them worked, anywhere!!!  What's a girl to do??  I'm still waiting to see if I gain the weight back when I'm back to work and totally done with nursing.  But I need a few things to wear!!  HELP!!

Why is it so much easier and more fun to shop for Carter?!

SFL #5 Take Swimming Lessons

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Today we finished our swimming lessons.  We had 6 lessons in two weeks.  Let's be honest, it wasn't so much of a swimming lesson, as it was sing songs and play in a 92 degree bath tub pool.

The first day he wouldn't loosen his grip on me for the entire time, but gradually he became more comfortable and let go.  His favorite part was when we played with the pool toys (ducks and rings and balls), of course.

Today at the end of his lesson he was smiling and high fiving all his classmates and teacher, Ms Bambi. He waved bye-bye to everyone at the pool and in the locker room!  
It was great activity to fill our late afternoons and it was fun!  

SFL #11 Go on a bike ride

Friday, July 12, 2013

We went on a bike ride every morning at the beach on the bike trail, to get donuts, and on the boardwalk!  We learned that he can't take too long of a bike ride and that he doesn't love wearing a helmet :)  

It was fun to do something new and we'll definitely take more bike rides at the beach!

Here's the rest of our Summer Fun List
and SFL #8 ride a merry go round

4th of July beach weekend

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We had such a blast at the beach over the long 4th of July weekend!  Carter loved running around with his cousin, Ian.  (We loved it too!)  

Sharing a room went pretty well!  He was up first every morning, of course.  On the last day the entire house was awake at 5:20.  Oops!  Luckily, everyone except Carter, went back to sleep.

beach buddies
He continued to hate the sand and refused to touch it.
But sat happily on his chair or on a towel or on a lap!

pop pop
jumping waves
 He was on airplane watch and stopped and pointed everytime an airplane or helicopter flew by (like every 2 minutes!)

We went out to dinner one night.  We went early, but hit lots of traffic and had to wait for a while to get a table, so by the time dinner came he had no interest in sitting still or eating.  So he hung on the side of the dock and watched the boats with Gram. 

Looking forward to more beach fun in a few weeks!

red, white, and blue fun

Saturday, July 6, 2013

We spent the 4th of July at the beach house!  
He is obsessed with these flags (Martha Stewart circa 1999)
In the morning we went for a bike ride (SFL post coming soon!)
and headed to a playground to do his favorite thing, climb!
Later we went to the beach...
 He hates the sand so he was happy on the blanket

or on someone's lap.
 Ian came too and they had lots of fun playing together.  
They didn't stay up for the fireworks but they did have their first sleep over!  We decided to try having them sleep in the same room and it went pretty well!  
So now they aren't just cousins, they're roommates too!!!

It was a fun 4th of July!

Restoring my sanity

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's no secret that the last few weeks have been painful trying for me.  Again it all comes down to sleep.  And when he doesn't nap or only takes a short nap, that makes for a very exhausting day.  Christian also just started a new job so now he leaves an hour earlier and gets home an hour later.

The worst part about these new hours are that the gym routine that I just started a few weeks ago (and I loved and felt so much better from having alone time) is gone.

Last Thursday was my birthday and my mother-in-law came to play with Carter while I got my nails done.  While I was there I realized that the last time I was away from Carter was the previous Tuesday, 9 days before.

No wonder I was falling apart at the seams.

My nails were done so quickly and I wasn't ready to go home, so I stopped at Barnes and Noble and got a Frappuccino (caramel ribbon- way too sweet, and if you know me, that's like ridiculously sweet) and I sat in a corner reading Bloom.  It was freezing in there.  And I sat there alone, shivering with goose bumps, reading about another mom's story and struggles.  And that was the best part of my day.

That night at dinner (of Five Guys cheeseburgers and fries after bedtime) I told Christian about my nail appointment and how I didn't want to go right home so I stopped at B & N.  He said to me, "Why didn't you want to go home?"  And THAT is when it was all unleashed.

Somewhere, somehow while trying to survive meet the needs of my high-need baby/toddler I got lost, again.

So on Saturday I went to the gym and got a facial.  Then Carter and I hung out with my bff at the pool and I felt so much better.

Then Sunday came and we got in the usual routine and alot of the normal hanging on momma.  But around 4:25 I had a headache and I needed a break.

And for the first time ever I said, "Christian can I have until 5 to myself?"  And I closed the bedroom door and I sat on our bed and read.  Then I showered in the quiet calm of my bathroom, without anyone screaming and banging on the shower door or worrying that anyone was sticking his hands in the toilet or picking through the trashcan.

And when they came through the door 45 minutes later, I was refreshed and renewed and so happy to have my boy sprint into my arms.

The weekend was topped off with dinner with two good friends and a raspberry martini and lots of girly talk and catching up!  It was the perfect end to the weekend.