2014 highlights & reflection

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 brought some major changes to our family--

In August we moved into our new house

And in November our family went from 3 to 4 & Reid was born!!
Those were definitely the biggest changes in 2014!!

Carter has grown so much this year- it's crazy to look back at how little he was at the beginning of 2014.  

We celebrated his 2nd birthday & he's now a big boy who talks like crazy & takes in (& remembers) everything!  He's working on potty training & soon will be wearing the coveted mickey underwear!

We spent many weekends at the beach--
And Christian & I went to Vegas for our friend's wedding & our first kid-free trip!
I spent most of the year teaching first grade-- which was rewarding, but also very stressful.  The role  of full-time working mom was something I struggled with.  I hit my all time low weight (112) & I spent many days & nights worrying about Carter being sick and not being able to have a sick day.  And he was sick a lot--- ear infection after ear infection.  

Luckily in March he got tubes and that cured the ear infections!
We found out in March that baby #2 was on its way! 
In July we found out it's another boy! 
 And I tried to keep track of my growing belly & take in all of the goodness of being pregnant
 (most likely for the last time.) 
Christian changed jobs in June and luckily that means a much closer commute and ability to work from home!  He spent 2 weeks in India and experienced their very different lifestyle.  And pretty much every moment of free time since August he's been painting (every room) or working on our new house.

Since Reid has joined us he has been a little doll baby!  He's calm & sweet and doesn't scream all day long!  I try to take it all in & hold tight to this feeling of love as I stare at my peaceful & healthy & sleeping baby.  

Although at times, our lives, filled with juggling toddler tantrums and a fussing baby and a house that looks like it weathered a tornado, definitely don't feel blissful, I try to remind myself of how lucky we are.

The other day after many days at home for the holidays Christian looked like he needed a break.  He mentioned possibly going back to work a day early and I responded, 
"What?!? You want to leave paradise?!"  

This is just a short season in our lives and no matter the challenges, I am so grateful to live it.
  We'll see what 2015 holds in store for us & look forward to continuing this adventure.

Welcome to the world, Reid Alexander!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Reid Alexander was born on November 22, 2014 at 11:38pm.
7lbs 8oz
21 inches

We are so blessed and thankful for this little bundle!

(baby #2) 38 weeks and maternity leave

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hooray for maternity leave!  Wednesday was my last day of school and I was totally exhausted and stressed and needed a break.  I hoped I would have a few days to rest before he makes his arrival.  So far so good!  Although I was up at 4am and still can't sleep- at least im not as stressed about school!

The last few weeks I've felt like a 90 year old lady at night.  By the end of the day at school I would have to walk so slow and felt like I was dragging a leg behind me with a head between my legs.  ha!  I groan everytime I stand up.  And I swear I feel like I'm dilating, even though they say you can't tell.  Either that or he's just moving around super low.  I was so NOT like this with Carter...I guess I'm just worn down and stretched out!  I have had heartburn (at night especially) and up many times every night.

For the last few nights I've thought I could possibly go into labor so I downloaded a contraction app.  Although I'm hoping my water breaks like last time so I don't have to deal with timing contractions and not knowing when to go...

And for fun I decided to do a picmonkey collage of my bump pics... I still can't believe how skinny I was in the beginning...

celebrating baby #2

Sunday, November 2, 2014

 Yesterday my mom hosted a little sprinkle for me.  

It was just my closest friends and family for lunch and it was perfect!   

There were the prettiest flowers in pumpkins for the centerpiece and favors.  

And now baby boy has some super cute stuffed animals, outfits, and blankets!
I forgot how newborn diapers smell so good and powdery!
Restoration hardware towel and stuffed elephant- love!
It was the perfect celebration!  

(baby #2) 35 weeks

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last week was Parent/Teacher conferences and it was a long, exhausting week.  One more thing to check off the list before baby!  About a month left of work- some days I think that is nearly impossible, but we'll see!

The latest- sleeping is still pretty bad... up a few times a night...and just getting out of bed is hard enough...I found myself thinking "how am I going to do this for 6 more weeks?!?"   I've had some heartburn and just overall exhaustion.  At my last appointment I gained 2 pounds (thanks to my mom who keeps providing dinners and desserts) and my doctor said to keep it up and gain 2 more for my next appointment.

On Sunday, after the crazy week of nights and days of conferences and then working non-stop at home on Saturday and Sunday morning I went to the grocery store and swear I was having contractions.  I cut that trip short and came home to lay on the couch and down lots of water.  Thankfully they went away.  I was envisioning having a baby that night...and I'm so not prepared for that!

This week Christian painted (and repainted) the nursery and put together his bookshelf (with Carter's help, of course!)  His nursery is starting to come together!  But we're waiting another week or so to change Carter's bed and move the glider and crib mattress to the nursery.  I washed a bunch of newborn clothes, blankets, and boppy covers etc and ordered a bunch of little sleep and plays.

Carter is loving his brother and hugs, kisses, and tells us what his brother is saying.  He's so excited to tackle him one day.  He also picked out an owl for his room.

(baby #2) 32 weeks

Friday, October 10, 2014

black shirt and black door- not the best for showing off the bump!

At last week's appt my doctor actually said I need to gain weight- what?!  I think the 2 weeks of single parenting stress (even though my mom made me dinner every night) were to blame!

I've been loving apples lately- at least 1 honeycrisp a day and since I'm trying to eat more I've been having a fugi with breakfast too!  Dessert is still a fav- Reese's footballs and cookies!

I've had a few middle of the night stomach problems in the last few weeks...like up for hours with an upset stomach.  And a few nights when I was just awake in the middle of the night- thinking.  And some heartburn, although I think that was worse with Carter.

I think we've decided on a name!  And Christian put together the crib.  I've gone through Carter's newborn clothes and even washed the ones that will work for a December baby.  I feel like with everything we've had going on I haven't been prepping for baby as much.  So this week I added a few things to a registry and pinned a few hats and things that I'd like for him too.  I'm hoping that Christian will paint his room next weekend.

Carter loves his brother and kisses and cuddles my stomach a lot.  He thinks "Ketchup" and "Abu" would be good names for him.  Then he cracks himself up into a fit of giggles.  

It's starting to become real that we're having a baby in just a few short weeks!

(baby #2) 30 weeks

Thursday, September 25, 2014

People have been commenting on how much baby (and my belly) have been growing in the last few days.  10 more weeks- that seems so soon!  It's time to order the crib and pick out paint colors, and dig out and clean off the baby stuff that's thrown everywhere!  

This week Carter picked out an elephant lovey that he will bring to the baby in the hospital and I used restraint to not order a bunch of other things from Restoration Hardware Baby.

I'm researching all kinds of trains and trying to figure out some big brother gifts for Carter too.

We've made it half way through Christian's trip to India, mostly thanks to my mom who's made me dinner every night and picked up Carter from daycare most days.  

No big pregnancy symptoms-just some heartburn and exhaustion.  For the last few weeks I can't get enough dessert- ice cream, cookies, peanut butter cups...whatever!

And lots of thoughts on baby names- we're having a tough time deciding and agreeing on the perfect name.  Who knew how easy it was the first time!

(baby #2) 28ish weeks

Saturday, September 20, 2014

pic taken last week (9/10)
Ever since closing on our house and starting school taking bump pics and keeping track of my pregnancy has been non-existent!  These last few weeks have been just about survival (as you can see from this pic taken at 6am before school).

Here's the latest bumpdate:

Last week was stressful between a few meetings, some challenging students and back to school night  and that just about took everything out of me.  The next few days I felt like I'd run a marathon- my legs were sore and my body ached.  It was a tough few days.

This week (29 weeks)  I felt a little better and the soreness went away but i'm still super exhausted.  I can definitely tell when I've done too much (like everyday for the last month).  I'm not good at sitting around and not getting things done although I'm really trying to do less.  I go to bed around 9:30ish and sleeping ok (up once to use the bathroom and sometimes have a hard time getting back to sleep).

This week I pulled out a bunch of maternity clothes from my last pregnancy and thankfully the weather is turning cooler so I have more options!

Baby boy moves like crazy and at my last dr appt she said his head is down and all was well!

(baby #2) 23 weeks

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The last few weeks:

Baby bump is growing, for sure...non-maternity shorts are all but retired.  I bought one pair of Old Navy maternity shorts and those are so much better.  I've been wearing some maternity tanks too.  These last few days have been so cool in the morning and feel like September.  It's amazing how much better I feel in jeans and loose tanks.  Regardless I will not wish away summer for one second.

I've had a few days with heartburn.  No cravings, but definite increased appetite.  I'm trying to make healthier choices.

I pulled out the Snoogle pillow for a few nights but after wrestling with it so much, it ended up thrown on the floor by the morning.  I now just put an extra pillow under my belly or supporting my back.

Best moments:  week-ends at the beach house with a super happy boy & hearing all was great at our ultrsound at my last dr. appt (heart rate 132)!

July in Pictures

Thursday, July 31, 2014

It seems like my phone is always out of storage space and I'm in desperate need of cleaning out my pictures (from January to now!)  Here are some faves from July!
A few pics at home- blueberry picking, corn husking, farmer's markets, and pools
And his most favorite place, the beach house!
The Rides
first roller coaster ride- arms up!!   (blurry still shot from a video)
First time playing mini golf!

Pirate voyage
And a big ice cream cone on the boardwalk

He was sick for a whole week- we didn't leave the couch.
But we didn't let a few sick days get us down-
What a fun July!

Oh Hey, Friday! (link up)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Since Five on Friday is taking a summer hiatus the girls at September Farm and The Farmer's Wife started this link up!  I'm happy to participate since I actually have time to blog now!

paint, rugs, curtains

A new house= a whole new world of decorating possibilities (on a budget- boo!)  Oh well- Ikea hacks it is (and luckily the Pottery Barn Outlet is 2 miles away!) I've been pinning like crazy lately!
Chevron Stripe Jute Rug
Pottery Barn rug
Paint color always scares me and the colors in the house are ok, for now.  I think we'll paint the boy's rooms and the kitchen/playroom in grays.  Painting the kitchen cabinets is high on my priority list too!

French country kitchen, cream cabinets, light blue walls and black island
And I'm working on a nursery.  So many projects!

baby boy plans - clothes and nursery

My first purchase for baby boy was on Saturday at the Nordstrom sale, of course!  His first set of Aden & Anais Bamboo swaddles.  I'm obsessed!  They arrived on Monday and I think they may be the inspiration for his nursery!  (Sold out online so I can't find a link.)

I also ordered this Barefoot dreams blanket for him!
Barefoot Dreams Chevron Blanket (Online Only)

I'm looking everywhere for a few outfits for him, but not finding much that will be good for his November/December birth.  It's nice knowing there's a huge bag of Carter's clothes upstairs waiting for him.  But I want to get him a few things just for him!

gloriosa mugs 

I think I posted about these mugs last summer and since I'm into all things for our new house these bad boys are headed straight for my Christmas list!

I've been such a good housewife lately! When you're home and your two-year old cooperates it's amazing how much you can cook (and bake!)  Here are some favorites lately...
Magic Bars — butterscotch , chocolate , dessert , easy , fast — For Two, Please

Hash Brown Quiche
hashbrown quiche (I use all kinds of veggies instead of ham)

summer lovin
If you follow me on Instagram you  can see more summer pics so far!
I'm not sure Carter could love summer anymore than he is this year.  He is so happy all of the time!  He wakes up happy every morning.  We are having so much fun and he is being so good too!  It's so nice not rushing to get him to daycare every day and hearing him scream "no school!"  I think 2 days a week at daycare is perfect because he actually seems to enjoy going (at 8:30am instead of 7:15.)  One day he actually asked to go to school.  CRAZY!

This kid is OBSESSED with the beach house and going to the rides at the beach.  Ever since we went to the rides on the 4th of July weekend, every time he goes to sleep, whether a nap or at nighttime he asks about going to the rides when he wakes up.  It's so sweet.

More about our summer in an upcoming post!