Guest Post: I'm a Boymom (& I absolutely love it!)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Today I'm guest blogging at Chasin Mason about being a boy mom.  Click here to read my post!

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It's the Little Things: Like taking walks together

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On one of our recent snow days, after the snow stopped and the sun came out we went for a walk to our mailbox.  Hands down, that was the best part of my day.  He didn't run ahead of me or push my hand away, instead he held tight onto my hand the entire walk to the mailbox and down the path until he raised his arms to be carried home.  

I wished that somehow a nighbor would snap a pic of us, because it was such a sweet moment.  But instead of grabbing my phone I just held tight to the memory.  

Another day I snapped these pics on a walk together.

These walks around our neighborhood, whether it's picking berries, throwing leaves and acorns, or just admiring the creek and animals, are some of the best little moments.


five on friday 2.14.14

Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday
Thanks to another snow day I can link up today with the girls.

team teddy
I've read so much about this little boy and his family from other blogs.  We're happy to support #teamteddy

carter set up his friends with the sign
The smoothest lip gloss that has nice color and isn't sticky.  AND $5 each.  Why wouldn't you order a handful?!

pinterest valentines

Here are our Valentines projects this year.  Many thanks to Pinterest, of course!
These were grandparent Valentines he made.
toddler + stickers= tons of fun
 These are the Valentine's he's taking to school.

I used this printable for my Valentines for my class.  But I attached it to little bubble wands instead.
These were the inspiration for my class Valentine bags.  How cute, right?
Owl valentines bags :)
This was supposed to be us today...
Relaxing in the warm Florida sun.
But instead we're stuck in snowy PA.
This week Carter had a ruptured ear drum and is on antibiotics and ear drops.  The doctor said we could fly, but it would be probably be painful for him since he'd still have fluid in his ears.  So we decided to cancel our trip and hopefully reschedule in March.  

He seems to be on the mend after 4 days at home.  
(and a stressful week for this working momma and daddy since my mom is in Florida already)
It looks like we're heading to the ENT for tubes soon.


Olympics Obsessed!  Since we've been home a lot lately with a sick kid, I've been enjoying some extra Olympics time!

My BFF and I have a tradition since 1992 of watching the opening ceremonies and eating gingerbread. So this was our Friday night last week! 

Happy Valentine's Day and happy weekend!

It's the little things

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's another snow day, or really ice day since everything is glistening with a layer of ice this morning. No school means I can join this cute link up this week!

All the snow lately has given us lots of time at home for building forts, baking, and non-stop playing. Here are two of my favorite little moments from the last few days.

 not another snow day!!!!
post bath cuddles

I'm trying to post a pic each day on Instagram to help remember these little moments.
Thanks for hosting Ashley and Jess!

find me in da club

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This weekend was my first girl's night away since Carter was born.  I met my NYC friends in Atlantic City to celebrate my friend, Jess' birthday.  We went to dinner and to a club and had so much fun (despite hardly sleeping!)  How great to feel young and fun again!!

And here's a little comparison shot from when we went to Vegas in 2005.  
yes, we intentionally sat in the same pose!

Then when I got home on Sunday Christian went for a boys night for the Superbowl 
and I went to bed at 8:30 :)