Florida: Part 2

Monday, March 31, 2014

On Sunday we went to Vero Beach for lunch.  We look forward to having lunch on the patio overlooking the beach every year!  It was warm and sunny, but it got cloudy when we took these pics...so the color isn't so good.

Later we went to the pool and then played bocce ball.

Carter was in charge of throwing the little white ball.  It worked for the first 2 rounds...

The next day he woke up and the rash was gone!  We went to the Jetty to see the pelicans and play on the playground.  Then it was time to head back to the airport and go home :(
watching the roofers with Gram before we left
still watching the roofers with Pop Pop

We had so much fun on our long weekend, despite the unexpected rash and not a lot of sleep!  I think if we stayed another night he would have been back in his sleeping routine!
Note to self: stay longer next time!

On the plane ride home Carter sat in his own seat for about an hour and a half
and watched the ipad and read books.  
But then curled up on my shoulder for the last hour, through the landing, all the way as I walked through the airport...
And only woke up when the light started flashing and the beeper went off when our luggage arrived.
Florida tuckered him out!

Florida: Part 1

Thursday, March 27, 2014

We finally made it to Florida for our long weekend getaway!  We cancelled our first trip in February because of multiple ear infections (and a snow storm).  But it wasn't drama-free of course, as Carter had a 100.3 fever the night before we left.  He was fine in the morning.  But by Friday night he had a rash all over his face. (I talked to the pediatrician and googled- an allergic reaction or fifth's disease was the consensus.)  It really didn't seem to bother him (and he had motrin every 6 hours too.)  The rash stayed until Monday morning when we left, but he acted totally normal and we had a great time!  Lots of pics below---

First stop, my sister's house for lunch and playing by the pool!

Incognito at the market the next day 

Then BIG news- at lunch by the water our table was on sand...and he got in the sand and played with his trucks!!!!  (last summer he was terrified of sand!)

socks and shoes- not so cute, i know but I was more afraid of blisters from wearing them the day before too!
 Next we went to the playground

And we ended our fun-filled Florida day at the pool.  At first he was not into the pool.  He actually climbed back in his stroller when we tried to get him in.  It was a slow process from getting his feet wet, sitting on the edge, to finally splashing everywhere!  

More to come...!

Time for tubes

Monday, March 3, 2014

Carter has pretty much had an ear infection since Christmas.

Unlike most kids, Carter does not get a fever when he has an ear infection.  Instead the signs we know are that he gets fussy and wakes during the night and occasionally puts his finger in his ear.

He's spent close to 25 days straight on antibiotics with an infection in the left ear, than the right, than a ruptured ear, then fluid, but no infection, then it turns into an infection...  I've become pretty knowledgeable about ear infections.

I'm pretty much OVER antibiotics and the terrible side effects like tummy problems and nasty diaper rash (triple cream to the rescue- for sure.)  So when we were referred to the ENT doctor I jumped at the first appointment available.

He gave me two options- he can get tubes or he can continue to have infections and be on antibiotics.  Again- a no brainer.

So, early this morning we arrived at the surgery center.  Everyone warned me that it's traumatic when the nurses take him back and when he wakes up from the anesthesia he will be very fussy.
waiting to go back for the surgery

modeling his puppy dog gown- he hated it at first

playing with daddy
It was 7 minutes from the time we left him to the time we were in the consultation room talking to the doctor.  Then a few minutes later he was awake and we went back.  He was crying and then he drank a smoothie then we left. He was happily watching Mickey on the iPad on the drive home.

And since then, he's been super happy all day!

 Hoping this brings an end to his painful and fussy days (and nights!)