(Baby #2) Week 12

Saturday, May 31, 2014

(May 20)

How far along: 12ish weeks (At our ultrasound baby was measuring 5-6 days older than my original due date- so I could be 13 weeks- will see what the doctor says at my next appt)
Gender: ????
Weight gain:   +6ish
Maternity clothes: no, but most of my size 0 pants are being retired and a few pairs of jeans won't be making an appearance again.  And I graduated to my 34DDD (from 34Ds and 32DDs) 
Belly button in or out: in
Sleep: much better!  Getting up twice a night to pee and usually go right back to sleep!  I even took a few naps on the weekends!
Best moment this week: Seeing little baby moving like crazy during my ultrasound on May 8th and heart was beating super fast 176 bpm
Miss anything: not really
Movement: no
Cravings: not really
Queasy or sick: May 11-14 were bad- my most nauseous days (I even skipped my iced coffee) and super tired, but interestingly I looked back at my first pregnancy and I had a few really nauseous days right around 11ish weeks too. Also this week I've been having terrible headaches and tylenol just doesn't do anything. 
Looking forward to: The end of school.  My class is sucking out all of my energy- literally.  


  1. I'm catching up on blogs and can't believe I missed this, so so so happy for you!!!

  2. Looking good, pretty mama!! Hope you're feeling well and not quite so nauseous! xo

  3. Aw you look so cute! Hope the nausea ends soon!


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