(baby #2) week 8

Saturday, May 31, 2014

(April 22nd)

How far along: 8 weeks
Gender: ????
Weight gain:  +3 (maybe 4)
Maternity clothes: nope
Belly button in or out: in
Sleep: I actually called my doctor and asked if it was ok to take Unisom every night and she assured me that it's ok.  I still try not to but find myself awake at 2am and take 1/4 of a pill.
Best moment this week: Easter!  So much fun with Carter doing egg hunts and beautiful weather!  And our pregnancy reveal to our families!
Miss anything: A glass of wine at our Easter celebrations 
Movement: no
Cravings: This week it was a cheesesteak.  McDonalds.  My appetite has increased dramatically.  I'm a little food obsessed and eat a lot.  I still have one iced coffee in the morning.
Queasy or sick:  A few days of putting my head on my desk in the afternoon when my kids are at their special.  In late week 6 I woke up one night sweating and so hot ended up throwing up and not sleeping the rest of the night.  Nauseous throughout most days.  Seltzer, granola bars and grease- and peppermints get me through.
Other symptoms:  My chest is getting bigger by the second.  It's a dead giveaway.  

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