Five on Friday- May 9

Friday, May 9, 2014

It has been months since I have had the time to link up with the girls (April, Darci, Natasha, and Christina) for Five on Friday.  This week Carter was home with Strep so I actually had a little time during a nap.  Looking forward to the summer when I'll have time to blog again!

Spring flowers and planting
We have this great greenhouse down the street from our house where you drop off your pot, show her some ideas of what you like...come back a few days later and it's planted and put in your trunk for you!

Last year I went with mostly different green plants and a big hot pink lily in the middle, but this year the dahlia's were screaming to we went with hot pink, orange, and red dahlias and a few other plants mixed in.  I love the bright colors!
 Carter and I went back to pick up some Dahlias for the grandmothers for Mother's Day!
Carter's 2nd birthday was on Wednesday.   We celebrated on Sunday. (post here)  It was so much fun and it's so hard to believe he's 2!  On the drive to school on Wednesday I thought about where I was 2 years before (birth story here).  It's sad to think that it's been 2 years already.  No matter the pain and all the struggles...I'd go back to relive that day in a heartbeat.

Last Saturday Carter and I did a Mommy & Me mini session.  Here's a sneak peek.

Dancing with the Stars, 24, and only a few weeks until the Bachelorette is back!
It's been months since I've actually looked forward to watching something on tv and I'm totally into this season of Dancing with the Stars!  Love Meryl and Max!  Of course my eyes are glued on Jack Bauer and can't wait for a little Bachelorette drama in a few weeks!
Mother's Day
On Saturday I have a hair appointment in the morning while the boys and my mother in law go downtown to market.  I love it there and will meet up with them for lunch.

Then on Sunday- I'm thinking a little shopping at Nordstrom and a picnic lunch, maybe?!
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Countdown to Summer...24 more school days.  Can't come soon enough!!!


  1. Paige! You look fabulous, love the picture session! I can't believe he turned 2!! Happy Birthday Carter!! (What a great idea for a greenhouse to do with the planting thing!) Happy Mother's day weekend! xoxo

  2. It looks like that birthday party was so much fun! And also- that sweet picture of you and your son is ADORABLE! I'm expecting my first baby (a little boy), and seeing pictures like that makes me even more excited about his arrival! :)

    I hope you're having a great day!


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