Tuesday, June 17, 2014

hello june

To say that I'm happy it's summer is a complete understatement.  I sat down and tried to write a working mom update, now that I've done it for an entire school year.  But I decided it wasn't publish-worthy.

In summary- it was a tough year.  Aside from Carter's many illnesses (ear infection after ear infection, strep throat, pink eye etc) and his constant difficulty separating at daycare, I also had a few very challenging students in my class.  It was definitely an adjustment from SAHM-life from the previous 15 months.  There are definitely parts of working mom life that I liked- getting dressed, having a job with a paycheck, having responsibilities outside of home, talking to friends at work, but by the end of the year the challenges seemed to downplay the good parts.  But luckily as a teacher you get to reboot and recharge for the summer and have a fresh start again in August.

But now onto summer!  Onto strawberry picking, beach weekends, pool days, sidewalk chalk, reading, watching daytime tv, blogging, actually trying recipes and projects on Pinterest, and this year preparing for baby #2!

We're only 2 days in, but already I'm loving life!  This weekend we went to the beach house with my family and Carter had such a blast running around with his cousin Ian.

A funny story from the weekend- the boys share a room so on Sunday they were going down for a nap at the same time.  Ian was laying awake in his pack n play and Christian put Carter in his pack n play and closed the door.  Then 10 seconds later Carter stands and yells "Ian!  Ian!  Ian! Wake up!"  This went on for a few minutes. Our little rule breaker was protesting nap and trying to get his rule-following cousin in on it too!  If this is an indication of what we have to look forward to in the future- we're in big trouble!
sweet boy still won't walk on sand- more on that another time!
Then this morning we went strawberry picking.  (Carter's going through a difficult phase right now- he doesn't want to do anything that we're doing.  So as we drove to the strawberry farm he yelled, "go home" but afterwards he screamed "go back to strawberry picking NOW!"  We rode on a little tractor to get to the field and he loved it.  That was definitely his favorite part.  That, and throwing the squished strawberries!)

Cheers to the summer!

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